I thought I would share some pics. The deer my son shot was a management buck we needed removed. He was a 5x3 and was 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 years old. My son made a good shot but the deer went behind a hill in the CRP that was about 5' tall. I forgot my good light and we couldnt find it. Drove to town and loaded up my 7 month old Black Mouth Cur named lola. I havnt had the chance to work her tracking deer, so what a perfect time. We let the tailgate down and led her into the crp. She hit the blood trail in about 5 sec into the deal and found the deer about 10 sec into the deal. She probablly would have skinned it if i would of let her. She thought she had to thrash the crap out of him. Not very good on deer capes lol. Saved me a bunch of time and my son thinks we better keep her so I guess I will keep feeding this one.

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