Gonzaga do you have any state aided hospitals ? If so try get friendly with someone there and they could maybe source you sterile needles and thread.

I have a very useful supplier I even get local anaesthetic , saline drips etc.

Give it a try or even a paramedic buddy may be able to source it for you.Vets are generally unhelpfull in this respect - money grabbers !! The more you can help yourself the better. Last year my leopard season cost me R 114 000.00 in vet bills alone.They see you coming a mile off and know you're in a jam cause your hounds are valuable and they take advantage accordingly.

My closest vet is 70 km away and they wont even let our local registered drug store owner keep tick and flee repelent and sell it on their behalf - we got to buy it from them.

Wish we had access to those staple guns you guys can get. Good luck.

Roy Sparks.