A few years ago, I purchased some Tyvek suits that were used for painting automobiles. I think they cost about $6.00 each at the time.

If you stay out of the briars and brambles, a suit will last for several hunts, but they will rip to shreds if you get into briars, brush etc.
If you snow hunt much, you will soon have invested enough money in Tyvek that could purchase a good suit instead.

Another option you might want to consider, is to look around Wal-Mart for some jogging-type clothing. I found some at my local store and got pants and top for around $10. They are more of a nylon and hold up well. I have used them a lot.

The two top photos are the Tyvek suit. I drove past the family farm and it was pouring the snow. I went home and got dressed in the Tyvek and headed back to the farm for some calling. The snow had stopped when I arrived, so I'm whiter than I should have been. But, it still worked with a coyote down.

The Tyvek does blend well, though, when in a lot of snow.

This next photo shows the Wal-Mart jogging suit. It has some black on the sides, and a black
stripe down the legs of the pants, but still works very well. Best of all, it was cheap and it's durable.

I now wear a Prairie Ghost parka, but still wear the Wal-Mart pants as a cover up.