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New here, but have raised dogs for many years. We have used staples and super glue when we needed to close up a wound. You need to leave space for it to drain think "tacking" the wound closed rather than closing it completely. Super glue works best where the dog can't get to it to lick it. I have also used colidial silver to rinse out the wounds and it works well for wounds in the mouth. As far as injectible antibiotics it is better to prevent the infection than to wait till one sets in and then fighting it. Cephalexin works well as does Baytril for stubborn infections. Pen G works for mild stuff. Good Luck...

Good info. For mouth I'd add just treat your dog as you would yourself. After eating flush with water (hose, etc) then in a large syringe a 1 part listerine 2 parts water flush works fine too.

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