Looks like he REALLY got off course. Here are some letters to the editor that he wrote & the paper published:


Letters to the editor from Ryan Anderson

During his time in Pullman, Ryan Anderson had three published letters to The Spokesman-Review. In them, he warned against allowing the government to take away personal freedoms, chiefly the right to own firearms. Those letters are reprinted below.


This war could cost us our freedoms

Some compare our current situation with World War II. However, other than some very basic similarities, there is no comparison.

There are no hordes of enemy tanks and fighter planes. There will be no massive drives against organized, well-equipped, well-defined enemy armies.

Our evil mastermind is a monster of our own creation, much the same as the Columbine shooters. This needs to be a war of hearts and minds, where in order to win we have to defeat ignorance and hatred with information and cooperation. The retribution that is necessary needs to be quick, surgical and effective.

A war in Afghanistan will bleed us dry as it did the Soviets and the British before them.

I fear war for another reason, that being that the elements in our own society who would rob us of our individual liberties and freedoms can use the auspices of national security to steal them. Already in the past century we have given up an alarming amount of individual liberty to feel safe.

No amount of gun control, press restriction or racial or religious profiling will save us from a body count like that of Sept. 11. But if you get a chance to read some of the bills due to go before Congress, some people obviously aren't going to let that stop them from continuing their crusade to save us from ourselves.

Think before calling for indiscriminate war because it may end up being an indiscriminate war on us all.

Ryan G. Anderson

Pullman, Wash.

Published Oct. 5, 2001


Militia means irregulars - citizens

Walter Becker (Letters, April 22) tries to offer proof that the Second Amendment only applies to the militia, but his reasoning is faulty.

What does he think the militia is? The National Guard? I think not; it's closer to being a standing army than was most of the Royal Army that invaded the then-rebellious 13 colonies!

A militia by definition is an irregular force. It usually includes all able-bodied citizens between the ages of 17 and 45. In simplest terms, a militia is a group of armed citizens who have banded together temporarily to defend their homes and community.

If we went with Becker's interpretation, the Second Amendment would grant a standing army and a police force the right to maintain weapons, a right that has no need to be declared in a document such as the Bill of Rights, even in the 1770s.

I am in favor of intelligent gun control. Should the United States adopt a system along the lines of Switzerland's, I could not be happier. To shooters and collectors like me, it would mean more well-maintained ranges, inexpensive ammunition and, best of all, one free weapon issued to every responsible citizen. But it's not going to happen. Why? Because too many people out there don't mean gun control, they mean total annihilation of private firearms ownership. Until gun control advocates start respecting shooters, we will have no choice but to fight you, tooth and nail, every chance we get.

Ryan G. Anderson


Published April 27, 1998


Firearms not the problem

Once again our eyes and ears are inundated with yet another tragedy, this time in Arkansas, involving the cold-blooded murder of our children by our children.

Although I feel appalled by the carnage, I think I'm even more worried by the response of the citizens of this country. Rather than blaming themselves for allowing their children access to bloody video-games and graphically violent television programs, they choose to blame the easy culprits: firearms.

Our problem these days is that we want to generalize situations and fix problems with a cookie-cutter solution. I don't have all the answers, but I do have some. The solution to the gun issue is to have gun-control spearheaded by level-headed and responsible shooters, people who know and are directly affected by such regulations. Anything else will just be temporary, and doomed to both failure and tragedy.

I fear that my voice, however, is but a calm whisper in a room of angry shouts. Today I am a young soldier, sworn to protect and defend this country, but if tomorrow I find that this nation is no longer the one based upon the freedom I was taught to love, I'll have little choice but to go where I can live in freedom. When you people out there who would give up liberty for safety, stand up to be counted, you'll not find me among you, because you deserve neither. Free men can possess arms, slaves cannot.

Ryan G. Anderson


Published April 9, 1998
If a fire fighter fights fires, then what does a freedom fighter fight?

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