I will try and simpify this for the average hunter to deal with an emergency long enough to get the dog to a trained vet for further care.

#1. Large cuts and bleeding all you need is a Quik Clot battle pack, and if you want you can carry two or three Quik Clot 25gm packs. This is every thing needed to deal with Arteries, Lungs, and gut hits in a dog or person if needed. Quik Clot is proven to stop 98% of artery wounds in the field. The closest to that is the Bagdad bandage at 50%.
Battle Pack
Quik Clot 25gm packs
How you use it.

#2. Heat Stroke.

Water for drenching the dogs heart area. Never drench the whole dog only the heart area. You will put them into unrevesable shock. Just apply room tempature water to the dogs heart area.

Hrydro tabs and 20oz water bottle. break the tabs up and shake until you can not see them in the water. This only works if your dog is not so far gone that wont drink.

IV and Saline drip. It's very important to get fluid into a dog that wont or cant drink. Most people don't know how to tap a vein and if the dog is really far gone the vein will bust anyway so just start an IV under the skin SubQ and keep it going till you can get to a vet. This can be troublesome in my area because of the heavy brush that you might have to crawl through so I carry a bottle of 9% Saline and a 60cc suringe and a #22 needle. I will load the dog up SubQ slowly then move the dog. Once I get to the truck I will start an IV drip.

Dextrose. If your dog doesn't have any fluid left from dehydration then he doesn't have any sugars left ether. I give Dextrose SubQ for the weight of the dog to try and replace the sugars lost by the dehydration.

Dexmethasone. This is for treatment of shock and edema. Your vet can give you a script for it and explain in detail how to use it on your dog and breed. This can save your dog so get with your vet and learn how to use it.

These are the only two things I treat in the field. Anything else goes to the vet or I treat at home or camp.