This my .223 I built 5 or 6 years ago on a Doubelstar lower. It has a RRA 2-stage trigger and a lead weight in the stock, tipping the scales at over 16 pounds empty - yes it's a bench gun. I have taken it on a couple of prairie dog hunting trips and have been very pleased with it.

This is a .204 Ruger I am in the process of building. It's missing a few parts - namely a gas block and tube. I also want to get a better trigger and I haven't decided yet if I will keep it on the Cav-Arms lower in this picture. If I do, I will likely camo-paint the whole thing.

This is one I put together in case I ever get the opportunity to hunt coyotes again. It's an RRA mid-length 16" upper on a Bushmaster lower.

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