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I have to brag a little...My wife is an amateur artist and a pretty good one...She's gotten awards in the Amateur Class at different shows and I've been after her to put an Iguana on the buttstock of one of my ARs for some time...She surprised me for my birthday with this:

We had a Severe Thunderstorm with lots of lightening come through on Sunday and wiped out our TV reception and I got bored and had to paint something... Obviously my DPMS AR was the first to get grabbed... It went from this:

To this:

Still bored and with some paint abounding (if you are going to make a small mess, why not a bigger one?), my Armalite was the next to hit the table....It went from this:

to this:

Just had to brag on the wife a little...

Looks like you both have a little Artistic Talent, Looks Great

Hang Em High and leave Um for the Birds...