Well, sure, all the laws apply to everyone, so we're all potentially at risk. I've also always had a problem with not allowing felons to own guns. After all they are citizens first, and if their crime included using a firearm, then sentence them to life without parole - after conviction. Having said that, I believe we can strike a balance between the 2nd amendment and security - no right is absolute and so therefore compromise is a reality.

On balance I think the NRA has done much more good than bad. They are the only organization to have elevated gun rights to a national discussion, and that has allowed us gun owners to literally carry elections, e.g. Bush v Gore.

What I wish the NRA would do more of is educating the public about the need to exercise their gun rights, not just protect their rights against abuses by the likes of Schumer, Kennedy, and Gore.

For instance, how about mandatory firearms training in all middle or high schools - yep, taxpayer funded - so that everyone in America understands why we have a 2nd amendment, how dangerous a gun can be, and how to use guns to defend oneself and, heaven forbid, one's Constitutional rights if that should ever become necessary.

After all, most Americans learn about and practice free speech, free press, and free religion, but NEVER learn about and practice their right to bear arms. I know the NRA offers gun safety courses, but that's not the same as a course on the 2nd amendment and all its ramifications.