Operation Leatherback
Aerial surveillance from a drone high overhead watched the river. It was calm far below.
Too Calm. The desert flowers were all but gone now. Something was amiss.

The Commander slightly shuddered as he dialed a number. It was a number that The Department of Homeland Security was unaware. Mobilizing ground recon was a safety precaution that provided valuable information the drones couldn’t detect.

His specialized team was considered unconventional in many respects but the Commander wasn’t looking for respect. The cost of good intel wasn’t necessarily measured in dollars.

Hoss (the squad leader) answered the phone. His eyes narrowed recognizing the Commander’s voice on the other end. His reply was only two words rolled into one – “Yessir” and the line went dead.

Setting down his coffee, Hoss made two phone calls speaking only one word for each call. “Leatherback“1.

Within 24 hours, three men met, exchanged nods and proceeded together through a small settlement onto a sandy road to Point Alpha near the river.

The equipment wasn’t considered “specialized” in today’s high-tech era. The necessity was the “skill” in the use of the equipment. Team Charlie had those skills. They dressed as “locals” to derail any suspicions.

The mission was simple…
Search for signs of activity along the river and stop ALL unauthorized encroachments.

This was a daytime operation. Skill was their only ally.

Upon reaching the river they eased into the water careful not to create ripples. They immediately sensed what the Commander had suspected. They were not alone.

1 Leatherback: The name often associated with carp when they expose their backs above the water surface in shallow waters. The evening and early morning air dries their backs causing them to appear leather-looking.

Shortly before retrieving this carp I extinguished my cigarette the hard way. It was especially embarrassing since everyone was looking.

Checking the moisture content of my remaining cigarettes.

Below is a hero shot of my first ever doubles.

Here’s the official documented version:
I am a member of 3-man volunteer team of soldiers who have managed to survive the Carp Wars over the years. We were out on morning patrol when we stumbled onto a squadron of Carpus Stupidicous. These evil suckers can be very slick as some of you may know. Not the kind you meet at the supermarket.

It was obvious they were the tough scaled, hardcore kind having had specialized training only a school could provide. Their encampment was skillfully dug in to a bank protected by thick overhanging growth.

I was lead point probably 20 yards ahead of my partners when the action started. Those sneaky devils let me pass. Upon hearing shots fired by my two partners, I hurried to their aid careful not to slip on the River Snot Trail I had traversed just moments before.

Easing into position I could see that Charlie Team had the enemy pinned down and that their ammo was running low, but true to their character, they gallantly held their ground ready to use sticks if they had to. Some men have all the right stuff.

Upon arriving at their location one of the insurgents made a break for it. He was a rocket fueled burner to put it mildly.
We couldn’t bark this low flyer to a stop either.

Even though I was locked and loaded, I wasn’t ready for the speed of this torpedo. Hoping for a clean kill, I aimed for the head. It was my only option to keep this mercenary devilfish from warning others upstream. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

After shooting this runner with my ‘stringed’ arrow, Smack Daddy Dale informed me that I had “INCOMING! 6 O’CLOCK!!!” upon which I let the tether free-spool while grabbing for another Carp Stopper. Having no time to connect the string guidance system I decided to go manual.

Hearing the all-too-familiar click of a properly seated knock I quickly scanned for the bogey. Upon realizing that this INsurgent was DEsurging as rapidly as possible, I calculated his flight path and gently loosed the bowstring at the skunkbait sucker pinning it to the river bottom.

As the melee was winding down, one of the insurgents simply gave himself up whereby Hoss just reached in and subdued him bare handed. His skills in Hand-to-Carp Combat are renown. It was an amazing sight.

We then devised a plan.
One of the casualties was released.
We followed as he aimlessly maneuvered upstream leading us straight to his gravy sucking comrades.

The heat of the day and river current was taking its toll on us and we thought best to head home while we still could.

Hoss reported in to the Commander (Cindi) with our report.
Once again we had a successful mission.
The river would be safe tonight.

Our morning patrol resulted in 48 casualties without any need for water boarding.

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