Duane, Granulex is technically formulated for treating horses, but it works great on dogs. Cauterizing the wound isn't accurate to describe how it works, but in the same way that burning tissue to stop bleeding and killing tissue promotes healing, Granulex "conditions" wounds in a way that as they dry and heal, dead tissue is cast off and productive under tissue takes its place as the healing process continues.

It is especially handy on tough to treat areas. I had a little terrier and he entered a tree stump and went to work on two BIG rock chucks. In the fight, the front piece of his bottom "lip" was split back to the jaw and left in half, it looked like two pieces of bacon hanging off of his jaws. I couldn't treat the split very well with any other method, so I sprayed it with granulex and hoped to save as much of the skin as I could. It worked as well as I could hope for and withered the loose hanging pieces of skin, while preserving and helping to "regenerate" the skin and tissue immediately attached to the jaw. The loose skin eventually fell off exposing his front bottom teeth, but no long term damage or problems.

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