The reason I was asking about sewing up a dog is because when I took a dog of mine to a vet, my dog had a broken foot. Apparantly he had gotten out and got hit or somehow broke her foot. The vet never took and xray or really payed much attention to the foot. His final piece of advice was to "let her lick that infection out", he had pushed a bloodclot out of her foot about the sice of CD disk. I had taken her to this vet on 3 different occasions and she just wasn't getting any better. When I left for work, I put her in the garage. When I got home, she had licked her left leg raw, all of the hair gone down to the skin. It looked like someone had shaved her hair all off. I took her to another vet that said "the only way to save the dog was to amputate it because she had been gone too long without the right treatment". I did it and she was fine for the next 3 years and then she passed away.

I was kind of hesitant to let another dog lick on a wound, but apparantly you guys do let them and you guys are dog people, so I will listen to you guys. If I think it is really bad, or life threatening I will take him to my vet first thing.

Thanks for the advice guys.
Tighten up your helmet and grab your crayons Turbo.....this could get bumpy....