Gonzaga, it would have to be a life or death deal for me to sew them up. We have had a dog get pretty tore up a time or two and if you give them some pen and blue-kote things work out pretty well and a lot faster then you would think.

I have only had one dog sewn up and $280.00 later i was happy to have him be ok....soon after i had the experience to be around some guys that hunt dogs for a living and see what they did with dogs in alot tougher shape then i had experienced at the time. I was amazed at how tough these dogs can be and what they can overcome.

Don't take this the wrong way i am in no way saying let the dogs suffer...learn what you need to do and take care of it. If they are worth feeding they are worth whatever it takes to keep them healthy and alive. Just be smart about it.

p.s. We use electrical tape when we castrate and brand our dogs. Leave a tail on the end so you can unwrap it easier when you are done. Also tape their front feet together, this will keep them from pulling it off their muzzle.
I'm thankfull for being dumb and slow then i don't have to overthink this stuff.

Best of wishes.....
Jason Sorensen