For Varmints: My DTech 20", 1/14 fluted Oly SUM with ACE stock and Chip McCormick trigger, Now sporting an 8-32x Burris Black Diamond scope (not the one shown)

or my custom .204 with 22", 1/12 Douglas XX Match barrel and chamber with a JP Match trigger and a 4-16x Sightron Mil-Dot scope. This one also doubles as a back up for Predators.

For Predators: My DPMS 16", 1/9 bull barrel that has been cryo'd with a tuned RRA Match trigger.. Shown with a Mueller 2-7x Multi-Shot scope, but also has a 6.5-25x Muller, both scopes set up with Warne QD rings for easy/quick change over and a 512 EO-Tech for really close up work..

Nature shares her secrets not to those that hurry by, but to those that walk with a happy heart and a seeing eye...