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Bergara HMR Pro 6.5 Creedmoor
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Poster TXCOONDOG Offline
Posted 06/23/19 12:50 PM
After trying various loads, seating depths, and most of all consistent repeatable loads, etc, I’ve settle on this hunting load. Note: The groups varied between .230” -500” (two weeks of testing on different days) which I’m a 1/2 MOA shooter on average from 100-600yds. Rifle: Bergara HMR Premier Pro with 24” 1:8 twist barrel Scope: SWFA FFP 5-20x50 HD MIL QUAD Date: 6/23/2019 Weather: 85 degree , 12 MPH wind Powder: H4350 at 40 Grains Primer: FED 210 Brass: Peterson 2x Fired Bullet: 143 ELD-X COL: 2.800” Velocity: 2701 FPS Avg (repeatable) 5 shot Group at 100: .394”
Dimensions 1200x900
Size 134.9 KB

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