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Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks
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Poster newhornet Offline
Posted 04/02/10 05:42 PM
Fiberglas Fence poles @ $1 each at Tractor Supply ( or the like), castration bands 250 pack for @ $3, Plastic Dip (like used for plier handles, etc) @ $9 at Lowes, roll electrical tape and flat black spray paint. Three bands each....spread out on sticks to hold them quietly then roll them to the electrical tape/dip it and set sticks apart for shooting.
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#1575770 - 04/03/10 03:54 PM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: newhornet]
mtcurman Offline
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#1578722 - 04/07/10 06:39 PM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: mtcurman]
sdb777 Offline
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Registered: 10/14/05
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Loc: Cabot, AR USA
I tried this set-up when I was brainstorming the ones I sell. How are your holding up under the weight of a 13lb varmint rifle? Hopefully better then the ones I tested...

Sure did like the lightweight though....nicely done
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#1580434 - 04/10/10 04:52 PM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: sdb777]
newhornet Offline
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Registered: 11/09/03
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Loc: North Carolina
Thanks for the compliments and the thought...I have a 23 1/2 #7 contour on a Rem. 700 action....I haven't weighed it, but it seems a little heavy. I use the sticks only when I am sitting so they are sprawled pretty well and seem to be very stable...BUT since you mentioned it, I will pay close attention. I didn't create this design...I read about something VERY similar and slightly modified it. Thanks again for the input! Mark

#1580473 - 04/10/10 07:08 PM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: newhornet]
Hyperwrx Offline
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Registered: 06/24/07
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Loc: Arizona
I have tried using these. I find that the castration bands allow a heavier gun such as my AR to make the bands rolls down while on stand. Its annoying. I also make a pair out of a few carbon camo arrow shafts. They rolled as well.

Just spend $25 on a real set of adjustable sticks. The End.
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#1581421 - 04/12/10 04:34 PM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: Hyperwrx]
newhornet Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 11/09/03
Posts: 94
Loc: North Carolina
As you can see, I use three bands to keep the sticks quiet while walking, and I roll all three to the end when I set up...I haven't had any problems with the (3) bands rolling. That may help your situation, if you even still use this setup. I also wrapped electrical tape around the sticks, individually, before I dipped them as stopping point for the dip. I did cover @ half of the tape with the dip so it (the tape) also helps to keep the bands above it.

#1584626 - 04/18/10 10:24 AM Re: Easy and Cheap Shooting Sticks [Re: newhornet]
elks Offline
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Registered: 02/28/03
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Loc: Central WY
We use basically the same set up, except we use a 1" think bank of bicycle inner tube and made ours from old dome tent poles. As far as heavy rifles, We cover lots of ground calling. I am not about to pack a heavy rifle. If we only had a few spots it might be different, but when your in and out of the truck for 15 stands a day, weight and speed are important. I find the bike tube does not slide unless I force it too.

This was done for no cost, and if I leave it in a stand, well I have another set at home and will pick it up again the next year I hit the stand. Also I stagger the length a bit for a thumb spot and the sticks double as a walking stick. More than once this saved my butt. I use the stick every time I hunt.

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