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#943198 - 03/25/08 12:22 PM Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings???
getfoxy Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/06/05
Posts: 9630
Loc: USA
I was wondering if someone could explain to me the meanings of thses sounds, when to use them, and what time to use them????

1) Coyote Threat Bark Howl??
2)Coyote Femal Invitation
3)Male Challenge
4)Interrogation Howl
5)Coyote Domain Howl
6)Challenge Howl
7)Coyote pup frenzy
8)Coyote Pup distress

With 7&8 I didnt know if they were having pups right now or not and didnt know how protective or whatnot they would be.

With #2 are they still mating right now??
With #3 Do I just play male challenge once and wait, or what??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#943199 - 03/25/08 12:58 PM Re: Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings??? [Re: getfoxy]
bigdog1 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 03/11/08
Posts: 2046
Loc: Mesa, Az
The only two of those that i have and use are the female invitation and the pup in distress.
They are mating right now so I the female invite howl just letting it run for about 20 - 30 seconds and stopping for about 30 seconds. I have gotten a few females like that. I guess that she doesn't want any competing females in her area.

and for the pup in distress I turn on after I have shot one. and after the pups are born. I guess it varies from location to location.


#943200 - 03/25/08 01:09 PM Re: Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings??? [Re: getfoxy]
Weasel-UT Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 20007
Loc: S.W. Utah
I'm far from being an expert and there are guys here that know much more than I do. That said............

In order to understand all the meanings, you need to be a coyote. The best we can do as hunters is assume the different howls mean different things because we hear the same howls and barks during similar scenarios.

1) Coyote Threat Bark Howl?? = Never use it.
2)Coyote Femal Invitation = Works well as a locator and as a primary call all year.
3)Male Challenge = Use only when challenged first.
4)Interrogation Howl = Works well as a locator or primary call.
5)Coyote Domain Howl = Works well as a locator and when used in combination with distress sounds.
6)Challenge Howl = Use only if challenged first.
7)Coyote pup frenzy = Works well as a primary call all year.
8)Coyote Pup distress = Works well as a primary call all year.

If I'm calling with a distress sound and coyotes howl in the distance, I try to mimic them. That usually means using a domain howl or interrogation howl. Being familiar with your sounds makes determining the proper howl to play back easier.

#943201 - 03/25/08 01:40 PM Re: Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings??? [Re: Weasel-UT]
callerofthesongdog Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/18/07
Posts: 376
Loc: Eastern Washington
Get some of Ed Sceery's (sp?) videos, I think he explains them well. We are trying to play on their instincts as best we can to get them to respond in an anticipated way with a sound that best elicits that behavior. One thing that we have to take into consideration is that the "alarm howl or bark" that coyotes make when they are threatened, is VERY similar to alot of the howls we use, so if you are "off" by even the slightest amount (mostly hand calls) or respond with an electronic sound that "alarms" them, you just announced to all within hearing distance that something is just not right. I know I didn't explain it very well, but listen to Ed Sceery, he has it down.

#943202 - 03/25/08 08:10 PM Re: Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings??? [Re: getfoxy]
derbyacresbob Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 04/05/07
Posts: 3940
Loc: Kern County, CA
FOXPRO's "Coyote Death Cry" worked pretty good for me at times. I use it on my #4 preset sound to stop coyotes. In January I started using it at the end of stands and let it play continuously for 3 to 4 minutes and I had quite a few coyotes come in to it. What got me to using this sound more was I used it after shooting a coyote to stop one that was running off. The coyote I tried to stop disappeared in a ditch and as I was watching for the one that ran off another coyote came running in from another direction to the Coyote Death Cry.
Foxpro Field Staff

#943203 - 03/25/08 09:31 PM Re: Foxpro Coyote sounds and meanings??? [Re: derbyacresbob]
guess Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 07/11/04
Posts: 4501
Loc: N.texas
the threat bark howl is exactly what it says threat bark howl. I have had really good success with it. I generally use it at the end of a "dry" stand. If they come thay come hard and fast if they don't I've lost nothing.
death cry works well the used the same way!
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