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#73401 - 08/26/04 11:10 AM Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
Matt Moorefield Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/03/04
Posts: 31
Loc: Virginia Halifax
I am haveing trouble with the Nef handi rifle hammer spur I bought this gun use and it already had the hammer spur I had to take it off to take the gunsmith to work on something else. When I got the gun back I went to put the spur back on and it broke. I bought another and put it on and shot it a few time and it came off it did that about three times the the spur started bending. THe spur has a set screw in it and it just clamps to the top of the hammer.After it started bending I put it back on with JB weld. It came off again but lasted longer that time. I try to drill a hole through the hammer but its case hardened steel I think so no luck. I don't know what to do I think I might could make one my self but there is no need to keep on buying them and they just keep on coming off. IS there any way I can fix this at home cause money is a litte tight right now.

Matt Moorefield

#73402 - 08/26/04 11:15 AM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
BeaverWeb Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/19/02
Posts: 488
Loc: misplaced Texan in arkansas
change out the set screw to a harder one. drill and tap the bottom of the spur for another set screw. gorilla glue. lock tite. epoxy. rubber cement (if applied properly). my 2 pennies.

#73403 - 08/26/04 11:17 AM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
jrbhunter Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 05/04/04
Posts: 2498
Loc: Indiana
I've had the hammer extension come off too. It came off after one year of usage, about 1000 rounds or so I'd guess. It flew off while shooting from a bench so I retrieved it and took it to the gunsmith with me. He said it was stripped so I needed a new one, I agreed but noticed he kept piddling with it. After about 20 minutes I realized he had turned it into one of those "ME or HIM" things with the hammer extension and he commensed to drilling, tapping, dying and clipping screws. Next thing I know he hands me my gun back with the old hammer extension on there and a drip of RED lock tite in the hole preventing the screw from backing out. Mine hasn't come off again since, it sounds like your case is pretty strange... not sure why you're going through all of that. Maybe your hammer is too hard for the screw to get a good bite on? Really don't know what your problem is, good luck with it though.

#73404 - 08/26/04 03:00 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
ric Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/24/03
Posts: 293
Loc: keno, or. {southern}
weld that sucker on nare!!

i have a nef 223. if yours is like mine you have more trouble to come.
my firing pin sticks/locks forward
action opens sometimes upon firing
won't eject the fired case sometimes.(i always take a ramrod with me)
not accurate
spur won't stay on

i have heard many good things about them
i think i got a lemon soaked in lemonade

happy hunting

#73405 - 08/26/04 03:07 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
crapshoot Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 03/22/02
Posts: 21168
Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA
Ric, I had the same problems as you. Your not the only one.
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#73406 - 08/26/04 04:58 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
22MagMan Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/13/03
Posts: 428
Loc: SE Wisconsin
I bought my .223 NEF Handi last fall. The first thing I did was to clean it very well. The accuracy of my NEF is tremendous. I do handload my own. I have put about 1000 rounds thru my rifle. I love it !!! Coyotes hate it.......

#73407 - 08/26/04 05:20 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
Steve X Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 01/11/04
Posts: 65
Loc: Michigan
I have the 223 Ultra and I added a hammer extension and its staying put.
The extension that I purchased had 2 set screws that had a small dot of loctite on each screw.
I just placed the hammer extension in place,used an allen wrench to tighten the first screw,then the 2nd screw was tightened down on the first one acting as a lock.
I cant remember the brand of the hammer extension but I bought it at Galayan's.
I hope this helps.

P.S. The rifle is a shooter also. I had to shoot 150-200 shells through it before it settled down and it likes a slightly fouled barrel.

#73408 - 08/26/04 06:36 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
Matt Moorefield Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/03/04
Posts: 31
Loc: Virginia Halifax
Thank yall I don't no what I'm gona do though I think I will get another one and put a set screw in the other side. I wish I could but I don't think you can weld hardened steel and make it stick right. Can some one send me the link for Galayan's I bought the other one at Brownells.I will have to buy another one cause this one is just about broke in half. I am getting a new scope for it so I might just get taller rings so I won't need the spur. Well thank yall please send me the link.

#73409 - 08/26/04 08:05 PM Re: Trouble with a Nef hammer spur
AR Tom Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/27/03
Posts: 313
Loc: IA
Steve x has it right. A second set screw will stop that first one from backing out. About 7 cents at most hardware stores. We used the original on my lady's NEF .223, but I made sure there was NO oil in the threads, and used a small drop of blue threadlocker. 1,000 round later, its just fine. The rifle functions perfectly and shoots .75" five shot groups at 100 yards - always did, with Win white box 45gr Varmint loads. She keeps it clean and lightly lubed with CLP.

One peculiarity: the NEF has a tight chamber. When I reload for it with new brass, I full size the brass. Once she's fired that brass, I neck size it only. A standard snap cap will not fit in the chamber, it's that tight. Therefore, it must be kept pretty clean. Fine little beast killer though.


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