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#696120 - 05/19/07 09:25 AM Re: [Long Story] One tough female [Re: kirby]
kirby Offline
PM senior

Registered: 12/15/04
Posts: 7902
Loc: nowheresville
Yrs ago, Larry got a female coyote pup from a friend. He raised it on his acrege. Coyote stayed in his yard slept in a doghouse. Coyote was docile with him, his wife & two kids. She acted/behaved just like a family dog. She wasn't chained & stayed in the yard.

However, out back is where he kept his Hounds. All had their own hog panel high fence's. That coyote would routinely harass his hounds through the wire. That female coyote "hated", Larry's hairy female staghound specifically.

One day, Larry was @ work. His wife is home alone. The female coyote, climbed the high hog panel fence to get to that lone female stag. All heck broke loose. Before...this stag couldn't climb her fence. The female stag was loosing the fight. She climbed that high fence to escape that coyote's wrath.

Soon their in the yard, on one. Larry's wife came out to break it up. The coyote turned on her as well. she bailed into her car in the driveway. Soon the stag wanted in, as well. She got the stag in the car.

The coyote wanted in, & relentlessly tried to get to that stag. Wife got on her CB radio & called for help. Soon a farmer neighbor drove by. He called larry @ work from his nearby house.

Later, larry pulled up & had to shoot the coyote. Because she wouldn't back off or calm down.

No more "pet" coyotes for them .

#696121 - 05/19/07 05:00 PM Re: [Long Story] One tough female [Re: kirby]
vargy49 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/28/05
Posts: 1318
Loc: iowa city iowa

no better music then a pack of running hounds putting the heat on!!

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