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#58072 - 02/14/03 11:34 AM CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
New Member

Registered: 12/18/02
Posts: 15
Loc: Momence IL.
I have a 500,000cp lamp that I cannot find a red lens to fit. Their calling for snow this weekend and I don't want to pass up the opportunity to go out maybe Sat. nite. Is it that critical that I have to have this red lens? I work for a company that sell school buses, which have a ton of red lenses on them, but their all fluted. They just disperse too much of the light. I've read on this post guys using something to dye the lens, but I still want to use it as a spot light.

#58073 - 02/14/03 12:50 PM Re: CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
songdogger Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 522
Loc: Mineral Wells, TX
Try to find some sort of red report cover or other sort of red something to cover the lens. It will make a difference. If you can't find anything, then just use the white light. Try to just barely keep the eyes lit up, though. Too much white will burn 'em.

#58074 - 02/14/03 04:06 PM Re: CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
New Member

Registered: 12/23/02
Posts: 5
Loc: northern nevada
I had the same problem and found some transparent red gift wrap held on the light with a rubber band works verry well.

#58075 - 02/15/03 03:33 PM Re: CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
Joel Hughes Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/05/03
Posts: 748
Loc: tx
I learned about red dykem off this board. I sprayed it on the lens of my 1,000,000 cp Q-Beam. It works great!! And that is all I use now.

Chances are, the glass lens on your spotlight is removable. What you can do is take your glass lens to a place that cuts glass and have them cut you one exactly like it. You can spray one with dykem and have a spare that is clear. Maybe more trouble than you care to put yourself through, but it works and that dykem stuff is pretty slick.

#58076 - 02/15/03 06:37 PM Re: CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
Yellerdog Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/31/02
Posts: 799
Loc: Montana
You can use red plastic wrap, like reynolds or glad that you put on food. I did that, folded it into a few layers and used rubber bands and tape to hold it on. Cutting out a red plastic plate will work also.
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#58077 - 02/21/03 03:10 AM Re: CAN I HUNT WITHOUT RED LENS?
Pete B Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/23/03
Posts: 30
Loc: Ohio
I tried the Renolds wrap and the stuff you buy at a craft store. They will work but not very well. The best thing I ever did was went to Office Depot's copy center and ask them to make me clear transparencies like the school teachers use on the overhead. I asked them to just but a blank sheet of red construction paper in the machine and voila instant red film. It turned out real dark and very thick, perfect for puttting in a flashlight. Hope this helps.


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