Yesterday morning my buddy Brent spotted one. He put Roscoe, and I put Hawk, Moe, and Fireball on him. They took him out west and I saw the coyote cross. Hounds were already several minutes behind. He went on west to a big creek, hounds got farther behind at the creek and then lost him. Got them gathered, so my cousin Greg turned loose where we had all the coyotes Thursday. It took his hounds about an hour but they trailed and jumped a coyote. One guy saw the coyote, so I added Hawk, Moe, and Fireball. They lost it just a minute after that. Then Moe found a deer to follow, none of the rest of the hounds ever barked with him. I caught him real easy off the deer, and Hawk and Thunder (greg's) jumped the coyote again. Then they split up. The hounds that were following Moe jumped a coyote and went west, after one, Hawk went south by himself after another. He crossed south, then came back. The other hounds lost theirs and pulled to Hawk. They got together and kept going north, crossed out north. I had to go to work then and left. Greg spotted another coyote that dad, brent, and another guy tryed to put on. They didn't run it very far and lost it and came back to the truck. Greg finally got his hounds all caught, who were so tired they couldn't move, 2 had lost their pads. Saw several coyotes again, and the running again was good.
I spotted the coyote this morning. I put Maggie, Hawk, and Fireball on him. He went south across the road, then I saw the coyote again, and he went east across the road. He crossed the next east road then. Dad added Sissy and Smokey and Brent added Roscoe and Wheels. He then crossed the south road, then went back west into the section he just came out of. They ran him back toward the north end of it and finally lost him. They were flat driving this coyote, unfortunatly they didn't catch him. Almost all of it was running in brush or weed patches. After we got them all rounded up we tryed to razoo a couple sections with no luck. So with a bunch of tired hounds we came home, that way they'd still have some go left in them tomorrow.
Hawk has a swollen foot, Sissy tore out a toe nail, Maggie's face is still a little swollen from Thursday, Fireball and Smokey are so sore legged and stiff they can hardly walk. Its been a rough week on the hounds. Especially the hounds Greg has been hunting. By next weekend those hounds outta be ready to go again. One more day tomorrow and mine can rest a few days. Talk to ya later, MO
Some of the greatest sounds are running hounds! If you want hounds that fly, go ahead and buy July!