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#546490 - 11/16/06 06:38 AM .22 Cheetah ??
Rustydog Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/23/03
Posts: 1263
Loc: Portland/Dufur, OR
Can some one send me a link with some information on a wildcat cartridge called a .22 Cheetah?

I searched Google and found a very vague reference to it with very little information. A friend of mine is a machinist who has built rifles before, (with unbelievable results!), and is considering building this caliber.



#546491 - 11/16/06 07:54 AM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Rustydog]
Ridge Runner Offline
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Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 2718
Loc: Mathias, WV, USA

this high stepping wildcat is the product of a joint effort by Jim Carmichel and Fred Huntington- Hence the capitol C and H. Case capacity exceeds the 220 swift by about 10 percent.
The 22 CHeetah is distinguished from other 22 wildcats that are based on the 308 WCF or 243 WCF by the small primer pocket. To avoid potential problems associated with small rifle primers -hangfires- Hodgdon reccomends a load density of 90 percent or better. Two powders are tops for this cartridge H380 and H4350. The 22 Cheetah is a very specialized wildcat and requires special attention to detail.
Max velocity listed for the 55 gr bullet is 4017 fps
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#546492 - 11/16/06 10:06 AM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Rustydog]
Jay Johnson Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/08/02
Posts: 1814

#546493 - 11/16/06 03:36 PM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Jay Johnson]
1 Shot Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/30/03
Posts: 662
Loc: Albany, Oregon
I had a MK.1 with a 1 & 16 inch twist built on a 700 Remington in 1986. The .308 BR cases are no longer made. I started using any of the 308 Win. family of cases with large primer pockets. It works great and no more problems with hang fires.

#546494 - 11/16/06 09:00 PM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: 1 Shot]
Roadrunner Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/12/02
Posts: 501
I've been shooting a CHeetah Mach I for 14 years but not the same barrel. It will give you lots of speed but just like high hp cars you'll need to replace the tires (barrel) if you race it alot. The throat usually starts to go at the 800 rd mark. I would recommend a 9 or a 10 twist so you could shoot 70 - 80 gr bullets. Just remember if you decide to switch to 50 grainers they might not make it to the target in a 9 or 10 twist (to many rpm's). If you build one PM me I have alot of load data I could share with ya. RR

#546495 - 11/17/06 12:33 AM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Rustydog]
Boone1966 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 07/12/06
Posts: 155
Loc: Hooker ok
A buddy of mine had shot the cheetah for years.I told him that I wanted to build one.The man that had built his talked me into building a 22-243 instead.I use laupa 243 brass neck it down in my redding die load it with reloader 25 and a 80gr seirra match bthp in a 1 in 8 twist hart barrel. I get the same thing but dont have all the brass preperation.This is by far the most flat shooting accurate thunderstick I own.I have ran about 350 rounds threw it so far I have been told that the barrel should last 3500 to 4000 rounds.I dont take it to the parrie rat town or punch alot of paper with it unless there money involved.Its main use is for long range coyote sniping and on occasion deer hunting.

#546496 - 11/17/06 12:55 AM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Boone1966]
Jack Roberts Offline
Admin/moderator - deceased

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 15854
Loc: Elko, NV formerly MD
"I have been told that the barrel should last 3500 to 4000 rounds."
Offer prayers to all the gods you know if it does not start blowing up bullets by 700 rounds.

If all you use it for is coyotes and deer the barrel will last many years. A realistic barrel life is 500 rounds which is a lot of deer and coyotes, many years worth.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
"Yeah, to where the going's easier." Ben Bova

#546497 - 11/17/06 03:36 AM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: Jack Roberts]
SteveM Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 01/26/02
Posts: 7617
Cheetah is one bad boy! Have to agree on the barrel life being around the 500-700 range but his depends on how you use it. If you just hunt with it and not shoot PD's it should last a while. I would probably look at the .243 based rounds as a better mouse trap but too each his own.

#546498 - 11/17/06 07:56 PM Re: .22 Cheetah ?? [Re: SteveM]
Roadrunner Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/12/02
Posts: 501
All of my Cheetah barrels have been Harts. I have set back a few barrels but they tend to burn out after 300-400 rds. I have bore scoped after 200 rds and it would make you sick to see the throat. Its a race gun so if you play you have to pay. Most my loads were 70 and 80 grainers at 3600-3700 fps. Its the heat that eats a Cheetah RR


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