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#542840 - 11/09/06 09:55 PM PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS
CoyoteDoc1 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 411
Loc: Pierre SD
The Coyote Doctors are thrilled and proud to announce that our second video Prescription for Success is now available. We just received it yesterday so it is available online immediately at our website and should be showing up in stores in the very near future.

With the tremendous success of Coyote Overdose, we felt we had to work hard to make our second video even better (if possible) and more thrilling. In addition, we fielded numerous requests for more teaching and information on our techniques in our second effort. Like most hunters, we didn't want anyone to sit through long narrative stretches waiting for the action so we wove our tricks and tips throughout the length of the video.

Just as we did in Overdose, we included everything needed for the viewer to feel as if they were sitting beside us on the stand. Temperature, wind direction, compass direction, range finder features and slow motion replays all made our first video incredibly popular. All those things are again included in this video, we have even added a "time on stand" feature so that you can get a sense of what has been happening and what has been done before the coyote is sighted.

We've tried to include the sounds we were using and why the coyotes acted as they did in the recaps to further enhance the educational aspect of this video. We tried to appeal not only to the beginning predator caller, but also show the more experienced hunter tips that they too can use in the field. There should be enough to learn in this video that no matter how many times you view it, you learn something new each and every time. Just like real predator calling, every hunter will see something different in each stand.

We started out with nearly 30 hunts, but quickly came to the conclusion that we had too much excitement and quality footage on the cutting room floor. SO, we added a bonus disc. This brought our total to 44 total hunts containing 46 quality kills. It also allowed us to include more in depth discussion of some of our calling sounds and equipment that we feel are crucial to our success year after year.

We are blessed to be calling coyotes in some of the most scenic and incredible country anywhere and once again Chad Remington (our editor) has done an exceptional job of capturing that beauty so that the viewer experiences the total hunt. Coyote Overdose was so well accepted by the industry, we knew it would be a challenge to duplicate its success. But we truly feel that PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS has accomplished our goal to make an even better video. More hunts, more education, more graphics, more spectacular footage and hunting action!!

We thank you for your support of Coyote Overdose and hope you enjoy Prescription for Success as much as we enjoyed making it. We look forward to your comments. Thanks again,
_________________________ Keep the wind in your face and shoot straight--Coyotedoc3

#542841 - 11/19/06 10:19 PM Re: PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS [Re: CoyoteDoc1]
crapshoot Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 03/22/02
Posts: 22342
Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA
Sonds like a must see! Congrats on the release of #2.
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#542842 - 12/05/06 02:01 AM Re: PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS [Re: crapshoot]
DesertDawg Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 05/11/05
Posts: 1275
Loc: Kenai, Alaska
Truely an awesome video, must see Coyote TV.

dead coyotes don't lie..........


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