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#404916 - 02/20/06 06:18 PM .257 roberts coyote caliber?
BigJake Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/19/06
Posts: 461
Loc: Newfane, NY
I know that the .257 roberts would be a good deer gun, but was also wondering how good or bad it would be on coyotes. Any information regarding bullet weights or scopes would be well aprecciated. The max range I would be shooting is 150 yards, maybe more.

#404917 - 02/20/06 06:47 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: BigJake]
canuk Offline
New Member

Registered: 02/17/06
Posts: 11
Loc: s.w. saskatchewan
the 257 is on the upper end of calibre but would do well in the wind. i switch to a 25/06 on windy days myself. no matter what grain you shoot it will probably do alot of hide damage , i would stik to what grain gun shoots well
just my 2 cents , good luck
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#404918 - 02/20/06 07:31 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: canuk]
Bigdog2 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/23/02
Posts: 2076
Loc: Oregon
For coyotes I'd recommend keeping the bullet weight down around 75 grain. The Hornady V-Max or a Sierra HP varmint slug should work well but I agree with "canuk" that at your maximum range if you hit a shoulder you'll do a lot of hide damage. This could also be a good p-dog round.
For deer, the 100-120 grain slugs are used by a lot of hunters.
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#404919 - 02/20/06 07:56 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: BigJake]
tcman Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 11/22/04
Posts: 2067
Loc: Southern Colorado
Talk about puttin' the 'ol smack daddy on a yote.

I think the 257 R would be great with the 75 grainer from everything I've read.... but hey, I decided to find out for myself, with my 25-06 that is...bought some 75 grains Sierra HP's yesterday. Can't wait to see if I can turn a coyote inside out.

Good luck to ya and let us know how things turn out.
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#404920 - 02/20/06 08:21 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: BigJake]
bea175 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 11/30/04
Posts: 3295
Loc: Kingsport, TN, Graysontown, VA
I don't have the standard 257 Roberts but have the 257 Ack Imp and my favorite load is the Nosler 100 gr BT with IMR 4831. Very good all around load in the 257 also use the same bullet with Rel 22 in my 25-06.
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#404921 - 02/20/06 09:31 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: bea175]
JD338 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/12/04
Posts: 433
Loc: Western MI
In the 257 Roberts, look no further than the Nosler 100 gr BT. This is a great buller for both deer and coyotes.



#404922 - 02/20/06 11:59 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: JD338]
Sask_Coyote Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/21/05
Posts: 32
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
i shot 2 coyotes with my 257 ai 3 weeks ago. first one was a i shot as it was stading broad side, but i pulled or it shoots different of a bi-pod, but it hit her in the neck. it was more of a fringe shot than dead on but it work well, the hole was a little big but ive had the same size with a 223. the other was not a good shot(shooting off) it did alot of damage. ill use it again with the 75gr vmax but i might move up to some thing like the 110 accubond.

the rifle was a 3 year project and ti shoots under 2 inches at 300 with the 75gr vmax.
it's been proven, people that hate guns, hate themselves

#404923 - 02/21/06 10:49 AM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: Sask_Coyote]
Robert_L Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 09/28/03
Posts: 88
Loc: MP Oregon
My first centerfire was a .257 Rbts at the age of 15. I killed a lot of coyotes with it using the 75 gr. Hornady HP back in the day and sold them in the round. Never had one refused by a fur buyer due to exit wounds. Most exit wounds ranged from quarter to silver dollar size IIRC. Maybe I didn't hit enough shoulders.
I have never tried the v-max though I think it would be grand for p-dogs. The rifle sat in the closet for years before I had it rebarlled back to .257 Rbts. In that time the v-maxs appeared, I still love the 75 gr hp though and am dying to try some Barnes bullets to see how they do.
Haven't killed a coyote in 9 years (live close to the coast here in OR) am looking forward to going east and changing that.

Best to ya

#404924 - 02/21/06 10:26 PM Re: .257 roberts coyote caliber? [Re: BigJake]
boogercounty Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/03/02
Posts: 328
Loc: southern Mo.
...not quite the .257 Roberts, but I do have a .250 Savage that I use for coyotes and bobcats.

I load the Sierra 75 grain HP over 44.0 grains of H414, in Win. brass, with Win. LR primers. I am getting a chronographed 3320 FPS out of it.

Fur damage is not bad, provided the hit is not in the "balljoints". A broadside rib shot leaves a nickel- sized exit hole, most times. My son killed a coyote with it, last week. It went in the "back door", and exited about 1/2 way forward. NOT a pretty sight, but the same thing will happen with about any caliber, with that kind of shot placement.

I use the .250 a lot, and really like it.
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