Started off this morning turning loose in the river section. We ran 2-3 coyotes out of it yesterday so I thought we'd try it this morning. But its a big section so I knew we better do it early. They messed around in there til noon and never got anything going, and finally got the last hound caught out of it. I was driving down the west road and a coyote ran right in front of me coming from the river section. I dumped Maggie, Sweety, and Fireball right after him. They headed north toward the blacktop and I flew up there, (ahh wolven wire I didn't figure he'd gotten across). Well the circle back east and I see the coyote back out where I first saw him and goes over the hill west and just as he gets out of sight, Maggie comes racing up the hill screaming her little head off, only about 10 seconds behind. I yelled on the radio she was going SW and she'll probably catch him. Thats when Sweety and Fireball got behind, but the coyote only made it down to the bottom of that hill and Maggie caught him in the ditch. I could hear Maggie and Sweety fightin him, so I ran in there with the camera, and told Brent to send Hawk in too because he had caught him earlier. I got half way there and could hear someone really getting bit, I beleive it was Maggie because when I got there she was standing back a ways. Hawk got there and helped some, but Dad turned Moe loose and he got there and it was over from there! Maggie and Sweety are real scarred up. They tryed him several times it looks like before the other help arrived. Here are the pics!

Maggie(red) with Orange collar, Sweety(red) with Yellow collar, Fireball(red) with Green collar, Hawk(BT), and Moe(BWT)

As you can see by his face he's real mangy and needed to be dead!!

See ya, MOyotehunter
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