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I've been away from the house for a few days. I did end up with a SY35.
Congrats on your purchase. The SY have an amazing image and the SY35 can be used from close to long range, so very versatile.

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I'm still undecided on a scanner, and think that I am going to continue saving my money for now.
I mentioned the Phenom 640 and the Vibe25. I wanted to throw another idea out there. I am finishing my review on the SY25. 1.5-6x magnification and an incredibly wide 18° FOV. This will make a great close-medium range scope and a great scanner as well. If purchased with the less expensive Bering QD mount, it is only $300 more expensive than the Phenom. It is just something to consider.

I hope to have a review video out soon.

The Phenom 640 is awesome but keep the SY25 in mind as well. I am reviewing one currently and should have a review video posted very soon. It has an 18° FOV vs the 11° on the SY35 and 8.5° on the 50. The FOV on the Phenom is 13° so the SY25 is quite a bit wider than all 3.
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