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#3288242 - 12/17/21 06:51 PM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
pyscodog Online
PM Junkie

Registered: 12/04/06
Posts: 15611
Loc: okla
My advice and a quarter about AR's is worth.....well a quarter, but I was in a local pawn shop today and they had two Diamondback DB15's IIRC for $569 ea. One had a little longer barrel than the other, coated FDE, free float hand guard and collapsible stocks. Nice looking rifles IMO. I went home and did a Google search and reviews were actually pretty good. Made in America, lifetime warranty. Granted, most said the trigger sucked but accuracy with good ammo was pretty impressive. Definitely an entry level rifle that won't break the bank.

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#3288244 - 12/17/21 07:32 PM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
Hellgate Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 08/28/12
Posts: 619
Loc: Orygun
RRA if it is in your budget.

A Remington R-15 or a Mossberg MMR. The two I have shot were both under MOA shooters and camo'd.

As others have said, get an affordable free floated AR and have a gunsmith put on a decent barrel. Replace the trigger with an upgrade ($$) or do the "shoelace trigger job" (free!) then install a Joe Bob's trigger adjuster screw to eliminate most of the creep.
The AR-15= BARBIE for men

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#3288682 - 12/22/21 04:42 PM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
bigtommy Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/29/12
Posts: 971
Loc: MN
Build your own. That way you have control over all your parts most importantly trigger and barrel. My AR has a geissele SSA trigger and a shilen barrel. This gun shoots sub mos with off the shelf ammo.

#3288749 - 12/23/21 09:01 AM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
Bowhunt Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/28/15
Posts: 798
Loc: Illinois
Any decent upper and lower will do. Can't beat Anderson Manufacturing for the money. Add a quality BCG, 3 lb Veloicity trigger, screw on a White Oak barrel and you will have as much as any builder like Rock River can provide you.
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#3292266 - 01/25/22 12:49 PM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
10ring1 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/30/10
Posts: 746
Loc: SW PA
To the OP, Get a WOA barrel and a good trigger and build your own. Will outshoot most reasonably price OEMs.

#3292911 - 01/30/22 11:56 AM Re: Most affordable, but accurate AR? [Re: Dogdownohio2016]
coyote6974 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 06/12/03
Posts: 1600
Loc: Indiana
After spending six years in Uncle Sam's gun club from the mid 70's to early 80's, I just wasn't much of a fan of the AR platform. When I saw the A-3 upper though I began to take notice, and decided to give one a try. My hunting and shooting buddy had a 16" Colt 1-9 H-bar barrel he'd replaced in a Colt Match carbine, so I used it to build myself what turned out to be a Colt model 6721. I first finished the upper and mounted it to my M-16 patrol rifle lower. After zeroing the 3-9 scope, I put on it, It turned in a sub .5 MOA three shot group with the first three rounds I shot after getting it zeroed. It was a bug hole the size of my thumb nail. I was impressed to say the least. That barrel would shoot without really trying. I've since bought another Colt 6721. After free floating the barrel, it too will shoot .5 MOA with my hand loads. Both of my AR's are just as accurate as my bolt actions. I have also fit all of my AR's with Timney triggers that give a three pound single stage trigger pull. Exactly like my Bolt action rifles and my 1911, and S&W handguns. Good barrels, good triggers, and good glass, are what make an AR.
My suggestion to the OP is to get that S&W you mentioned. Get used to it, then decide if you want to start tinkering with more AR's. You can't own just one.

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