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#3280180 - 08/08/21 04:27 AM Barrel length for new 204 build?
Tika58 Offline
New Member

Registered: 01/31/16
Posts: 14
Loc: Idaho
Trying to make my mind up. Starting a new build chambered in .204 ruger, but can’t decide on a barrel length. Hoping for some advice from those that have used a 204 AR. I can’t decide if I’m being greedy trying to go with a 24” and it will be unwieldy and hard to maneuver, or an 18-20” will have to much loss in velocity to be worth bothering with the 204. I love my bolt 204 which is a 22” and it’s great for yotes. Also love my 18” .223 AR it’s also a great calling rig. Hoping to melt the two together so to speak. Any advice from someone who’s done it would be great!

#3280190 - 08/08/21 11:00 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
Dark moon 63 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/01/21
Posts: 167
Loc: Iowa
I built a 204 just for speed and wouldn't want to handicap it with a short barrel.I went with a 24 inch HB. I hunt at night so carry it across my back rather than over the shoulder. I shoot off a bipod so weight isn't an issue. Earlier when it was cooler 32 gr. V max were at 3850. When it got hot they were right at 4000.

#3280193 - 08/08/21 11:33 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
varminter .223 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 03/01/10
Posts: 3162
Loc: south central Illinois
Night hunting I have no issue with a 24" heavy barrel. Day hunting I'm not toting anything heavier that a 22" std contour.

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#3280210 - 08/08/21 09:25 PM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
204 AR Online
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 5884
Loc: Nebraska
I think you answered your own question, if 22 works well in a bolt it will be good in the ar. It also happens to be my favorite ar barrel length.
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#3280216 - 08/09/21 08:45 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
AdamT Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/04/15
Posts: 2874
Loc: Southwest Virginia, USA
22” is my go to barrel length for a designated calling rifle.

My 22 Nosler is 22”, the 204 AR I had was also 22”. No complaints with performance on either.
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#3280220 - 08/09/21 11:01 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
AWS Online

Registered: 02/01/03
Posts: 6134
Loc: NM
For calling I much prefer my 16" 223 over my long barreled 20P. I do love the 20P though and am building a 20" bolt action for calling and I have a 24" HB 20P for more open country.

If your calling coyotes I'd go with what ever is more comfortable for you, inside 300 ya4ds I doubt a coyote can tell the difference.
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#3280227 - 08/09/21 03:14 PM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
Coyotejunki Offline
PM senior

Registered: 04/03/04
Posts: 5161
Loc: MO
I used an 18" Ar15 in 20 Practical for calling. Worked great. I have a 18" bolt action in 20 Practical setup as a lightweight that is one of my favorites. A 204 Ruger should work slightly better. If you are not going to shoot suppressed, I would stick with a 20-22" barrel.
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#3281961 - 09/15/21 07:23 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
crazyyote Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/15/11
Posts: 681
Loc: ohio
I'm late to this discussion. I was told by X-caliber the shortest they recommended in .204R is 22 inches. They assured me it would be accurate when we talked. They told me it's one of the calibers where they hand finish the chamber. It is superb. Love it. I have two of their barrels and they are both superb. Good luck if you haven't already chosen.

#3285745 - 11/18/21 12:47 AM Re: Barrel length for new 204 build? [Re: Tika58]
slickshot223 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/16/17
Posts: 28
Loc: Ohio
Have a 24"Hvy, AR shoots very well, speed is excellent at 3900, 39 gr SBK


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