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#3275607 - 04/07/21 10:45 PM Bering Optics vs Trijicon?
Rookietjx2 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/14/18
Posts: 282
Loc: IN
If you ask, "What's the best thermal on the market?", most people will say Trijicon. For a long time, I would have agreed with them. Enter Bering optics.

My first thermal scope was a Trijicon IR Hunter MK3 35mm which I upgraded to 60mm. It is a good scope, but the price is not very friendly. The best thing is that it's built like a tank. I've dropped it (not on purpose) and it barely scratched the finish.

Last year, I decided I wanted a backup, so I bought a Bering Optics Hogster-r 35mm. At it's price point, it's an amazing thermal. For me, the only negative is the 2x native magnification. For someone who shoots within 200 yards, this thermal will do great, especially if you use the picture in picture feature. For some reason, I always forget it's there.

Shortly after I got the Hogster-r 35mm, I found out the Super Hogster was being released. I immediately pre-ordered one and impatiently waited. When it arrived, I compared it to my Trijicon. Even though my Trijicon has better definition, the Super Hogster became my primary hunting scope. Why? A few reasons. 1. The Super Hogster doesn't quite compare in definition, but it has better contrast. 2. The Super Hogster is much lighter. 3. The Super Hogster allows you to easily record and upload videos. The Super Hogster has better reticle options.

After hunting with the Super Hogster, I knew the Phenom would be my next purchase, but I figured I'd wait. A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to be "pro staff" for the thermal sales side of Alan was kind enough to be a bad influence and feed my addiction. Today, I received a brand new Bering Optics Phenom to test. I am very impressed with it! The definition is on par with the Trijicon, but the contrast beats Trijicon hands down. With the Trijicon, white hot is more shades of grey. With the Phenom, white is white and everything pops much better than the Trijicon.

So, is Trijicon the best out there? Not anymore. Why? First of all, they have spent the last few years relying on their name. They haven't done anything to improve their line. Are they good scopes? Absolutely. Are they worth the price? Not anymore. The only thing that they have going for them is their reputation. Being relatively new, Bering Optics doesn't have Trijicon reputation, but their warranty is four years versus Trijicon's three years. Add to that, Bering Optics has excellent customer service.

Will Bering Optics beat Trijicon? On price, absolutely. With the addition of the rumored Super Yoter, I can't think of a reason why Bering Optics doesn't give Trijicon a serious run for their money.

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A&A Optics Thermal Pro staff

#3275661 - 04/09/21 06:16 AM Re: Bering Optics vs Trijicon? [Re: Rookietjx2]
324matt Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/12/18
Posts: 43
Loc: IL
Thats a arguable perspective. From what Ive read, and experienced, trijicon is still the top thermal scope manufacturer. Ive had pulsar, n-vision, and now trijicon. I too was considering a SH, but, over on many pages on FB, there are a lot of users that seem to be having trouble with their SH's, which swayed me to buy a trijicon. Im still interested in a Phenom no doubt, as that would be a nice scanner.

#3275667 - 04/09/21 10:07 AM Re: Bering Optics vs Trijicon? [Re: 324matt]
Kirsch Online
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 10/13/09
Posts: 2460
Loc: North Dakota
Originally Posted By: 324matt
I too was considering a SH, but, over on many pages on FB, there are a lot of users that seem to be having trouble with their SH's, which swayed me to buy a trijicon. Im still interested in a Phenom no doubt, as that would be a nice scanner.
324, all I can speak from are personal experience, the experiences of Night Goggle's customers I have spoken to, and the various forums I help answer questions on which include Predator Masters,, Snipers Hide, and the Bering Optics Facebook User's Group. Based on all of this, I haven't seen anything that would indicate the SH is having issues/trouble.

When the SH first released, there was a small batch of SH units that went out with non-cold weather rated screens due to a supplier mix-up. Bering made good on these units by replacing the screens turning most of them around in 1-2 days which was a great testament to their commitment to customer service. Probably the best source of information is the Bering Optics Users Group I mentioned as these are actual users and again, I monitor this on a daily basis and virtually everyone raves about their Super Hogsters. The entire Hogster line up continues to be rock-solid and dependable.
Korey Kirschenmann
Night Goggles - Pro Staff

#3275746 - 04/10/21 08:12 PM Re: Bering Optics vs Trijicon? [Re: Rookietjx2]
murdoc Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/10/10
Posts: 113
Loc: Wisconsin
One of my hunting crew got the trijicon. I compared side by side with my SH. The trijicon was pretty nice. We put a one inch square foil sticker at 100 yards. I could clearly see it in the SH. I could barely make it out in the trijicon. You could if you know where to look on the target. Although the Sh is 2.9 and the trijicon is 2.5 I believe I expected to see it with the reports of them and what you pay. Also like the SH battery options better. Not saying itís bad by any means. If I had that money I would have bought one long ago. Iím glad the SH came along with the price point when it did. I love it. I had one of the bad screens. Got ahold of Bering and sent it to them and it was back in a week. Still holding zero.


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