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#3265905 - 01/13/21 08:18 AM Re: What would you do #6 [Re: BrianID]
SnowmanMo Offline

Registered: 09/23/08
Posts: 3574
Loc: Phoenix, Az
Brian--I think your set up was fine. I too would not worry about a ricochet in your stand. Looked to me like you had plenty of room. The video that NevadaZeilmeister posted was apples to cantaloupes...a guy shooting from a standing position at something that we cannot identify in the video and then comparing to your stand, well, for me there wasn't much to compare. If you are worried about a ricochet how would you ever take a shot? Unless you are getting a coyote to freeze right in front of a 20 foot high dirt backstop, no one ever knows 100% about what is/is not out there. We do the best we can to hunt as safely as we can. You made some good points about how far bullets travel and that is if we fire them at a max angle, not after striking the ground. I had no problem with your set up.

As for hunting close to buildings, I do it all the time. Coyotes love farms, neighborhoods, etc. Gotta go where the coyotes are.

Mama always said, coyotes are like a box of chocolates...

#3266012 - 01/13/21 07:58 PM Re: What would you do #6 [Re: BrianID]
204 AR Online
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/10
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Loc: Nebraska
I agree no worries with ricochet on a 40 gr varmint bullet, not that far for sure. Tracers, yeah I've seen them bounce seemingly forever. Scary and that's why I have no use for fmj's. I once tried some tracers at a public range with a 8 or 10" dirt berm. All of a sudden there was smoke coming from behind the berm. It was fall, everything was dry, and I ran 100 yards in record time and was lucky to get it stomped out, wearing loafers that day. My feet got pretty warm. It burned a circle about 8' across by the time I got there and was headed for a dry corn field. Btw, all bullets went thru the target, they all hit where I was aiming though a terrible group of course. Best I can figure the burning pellet came out of the bullet on impact and flung over the berm. Never have really figured it out. But it was the last tracer I've shot or will shoot.
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