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#3258693 - 11/28/20 02:22 AM Red Light with Red Dot Sight?
Juniper Offline
New Member

Registered: 11/15/20
Posts: 10
Loc: Great Basin
Might seem like a dumb question but I've never hunted with a light before. So how well does it work to use a red light with a red dot sight? I'm pretty sure my dot would be brighter than anything reflecting back from a distance, but not sure if the contrast would be good.

Of course, I've tried it with a white light. That's the only color I have already. The red dot works fine. I am led to believe that red light works better for predators, but maybe not everyone agrees? My white light is a handheld which is fine for scanning but I'd need a headlight or weapon light. Should I get it in white?

My understanding is that green is better for hogs that seem to be less sensitive to it. I cannot hunt hogs. There are practically none here or anywhere for a long way, but there are loads of coyotes, and some fox and bobcat. It seems like the green light would be a good contrast to the red dot, but it also seems like green is the least popular or favored with predator hunters.

I kind of like to keep things simple and less costly as well, and one color does that better than three. For use with a red dot sight, is red, white or green better for the scan light and weapon light?

#3258755 - 11/28/20 08:29 PM Re: Red Light with Red Dot Sight? [Re: Juniper]
boisebronco Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/17/14
Posts: 13
Loc: Las Vegas, NV
I use a red light to scan and shoot when calling at night out here in the Nevada desert. I've only used red but have heard and seen other people using white and green for scanning/shooting. From all of my research on this site, it seems that red might be the most popular choice for night hunting. It doesn't seem to spook animals if you keep the light on the entire time and in their eyes during their approach.

In regards to your question about using a red dot sight with red lights, one of my main calling setups is an AR-15 with an EOTech on top which employs a red reticle. I've found that the best way to make this work is to turn the brightness on the EOTech as low as you can manage as doing this will create more contrast between the red wash out of the terrain and the reticle.


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