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#3258462 - 11/24/20 08:59 PM Called in one coyote and one big dog!
derbyacresbob Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 04/05/07
Posts: 4620
Loc: Kern County, CA
Foxpro Field Staff

#3258466 - 11/24/20 09:43 PM Re: Called in one coyote and one big dog! [Re: derbyacresbob]
jetman Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/07/11
Posts: 1488
Loc: almost Canada
We have a lot of ranches with guard dogs too.
The range out on to public land just doing their job I guess.
It's all good all the time

#3258472 - 11/24/20 10:31 PM Re: Called in one coyote and one big dog! [Re: jetman]
tripod3 Online
PM senior

Registered: 09/27/04
Posts: 8663
Loc: WA
Pyrenees are a favorite for me and many friends have them. Some tend to wander 10-15 miles or more looking for a job guarding something, like protecting a calf from a cow, or a goose decoy from hunters.
This is not a desirable trait that many owners tolerate.
They prefer the ones that patrol set perimeters.
Very loyal dogs that love a job.
Can't Have Good Without Bad

#3258477 - 11/24/20 11:09 PM Re: Called in one coyote and one big dog! [Re: derbyacresbob]
Littlebuf Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 12/29/19
Posts: 85
Loc: Idaho
You may want to let Tim know that same angry badger is attacking his neck!!!

#3258488 - 11/25/20 08:04 AM Re: Called in one coyote and one big dog! [Re: derbyacresbob]
AWS Offline

Registered: 02/01/03
Posts: 5607
Loc: NM
I was given a GP that had gone feral and was captured by the pastor in town. He was a killing machine on our walks he would kill mice like a coyote. He would lay in front of his house and pretend to be asleep anything that thought it could cross his space didn't make it. He and I went many rounds before we became friends. Eventually he would pull my beaver trapping sled and me on skis for fun. I will say that big white dog was the ultimate "Chick Magnet". He never wanted to stay in the tent, he preferred to sleep in the open and rarely went in his house.
After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

Heaven has rules and walls, He-l has open borders

#3258573 - 11/25/20 11:29 PM Re: Called in one coyote and one big dog! [Re: derbyacresbob]
SubpaR Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 09/27/15
Posts: 353
Loc: Hays, KS
Couple years ago I had a pair of them decide to guard my truck/trailer while i was building a lease road. The closest farm place was at least 2 miles away and this isn't exactly "guard dog country".
Nice dogs that just liked the shade that day, I think.


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