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#3245782 - 05/31/20 07:27 PM A decent night in Michigan
Shooter222 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/06/20
Posts: 189
Loc: Michigan
We started our first set at dusk. Turned on squirrel distress for 4 mins and nothing, after a pause we switched to a very high pitched rabbit. 2 mins later we had two coyote pop up over hill on us about 75 yards. We had a new guy with us he took a shot as he was only one that could see them. He missed. Coyotes scattered and went back to woods. Fox bang turned on , was blasting pup screams . The coyotes sat in woods and barked at us outa sight. I went to a coyote fight sound and one came blasting out of woods accross a 400 yard field at about 250 yards out. I killed sound quickly and tried to get him to stop, he wouldnít when he slowed I shot at him 4 times with no success. The set was over but they both on different edges of field sat out of view barking like crazy.

We moved on.

2nd and 3rd set produced nothing .

4th set we set up in a huge field prolly 1000 yards by 800 yards. Ran Bbsquirrel for a few mins and switched to rabbit again . There was a Drain ditch that ran across field left to right in front of us. At about 3 mins of rabbit is when coyote snuck in from the ditch and popped up Out of it about 70 yards .
I shot it and it started spinning. 2nd shot put him on ground. The pik is a too graphic to post.

5th and 6th set produced nothing again.

7th set the moon finally set and it was dark again .
We set Up and turned on some stinky rat and then switched to a high pitched rabbit and watched a coyote come in from 300 yards out. He was disappearing and popping back up in tall grass and dirt hills . He got about 20 yards from call and when he stopped we counted down and hit him with a .243 and a .223 at same time . He was DRT. This set lasted 10 mins.
Here is the Vid from this one.

We rushed to do another set before sun came up and we got it in but no luck .

All in all was a good night. Things came together well.

Just wanted to thank everyone here for their help!

Edited by Shooter222 (06/03/20 08:26 AM)

#3245789 - 05/31/20 09:00 PM Re: A decent night in Michigan [Re: Shooter222]
6mm06 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 8452
Loc: USA

Good shot on that last one. Good job calling them too even though it didnít come together for more kills. Still, a very good hunt.

#3245792 - 05/31/20 09:43 PM Re: A decent night in Michigan [Re: Shooter222]
Shooter222 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/06/20
Posts: 189
Loc: Michigan
Thank you.
The first coyote was shot just a bit high. It was spinning, Iíve had too many run lately. Thatís why I gave him a second shot

#3245827 - 06/01/20 11:15 AM Re: A decent night in Michigan [Re: Shooter222]
Kirsch Online
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 10/13/09
Posts: 2553
Loc: North Dakota
Nice clear image and a DRT coyote. Thanks for sharing.
Korey Kirschenmann
Night Goggles - Pro Staff

#3245839 - 06/01/20 06:31 PM Re: A decent night in Michigan [Re: Shooter222]
Pa. Mick Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 2141
Loc: Southern shores of Lake Erie ,...
Your learning fast, lol ! I donít hesitate, send the second one if theyíre not down ! For some reason the 223 just doesnít seem to do it for me. Iíve had better success with my 204 & 243. I pulled the old 243 back out for action !

Congrats nicely done !!!


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