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#3229159 - 01/19/20 10:39 PM The Missus and I got into a few today
204 AR Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 4747
Loc: Nebraska
I finally talked my wife into going out on a full day hunt with me. I'm hoping it will catch on with at least one of our daughters if she finds out Mom had a good time.

We had a nearly 2 hour trip so got started at about 0530. A quick stop for fuel then 50 more miles of nice highway, then another 30 of one lane rough asphalt later we pulled into the ranch. It hadn't been called since I was there last over a year ago so I had high hopes.

The first stand started with a lonely female howl, with no responses. That's become a pattern lately. But after about 2 minutes of Stinky Rat we had our first customer, on the wife's side, and just kind of cruising through to her hard right side. Being un-practiced in the fine art of coyote slaying, she was all thumbs and couldn't get on him in time and he cruised right over the ridge. Well, such is life and I could only chuckle about how well I know that feeling. Not much later, I spotted one on a ridge waaaay out there, and try as I might he wasn't interested. About that time, again to the right, one was peeking over the same ridge the first disappeared over. She was on him this time, but doubted she could make the shot and held off. It was probably 200+ yards, facing shot, tough for anyone so probably a good call. It disappeared before I could get turned and on it. I dug out the old Carver rabid rabbit and gave it a few squawks, and said ridge peeker reappeared long enough for the Eliminator to say 295 yards, and squeezed the trigger and coyote 1 is down. Made a mess of this mangy mutt but no great loss. Mange is getting bad again in the Sandhills.

So stand 2, I wanted to go in the direction where the far off dog was spotted. Circled around, climbed the hill, and got set up. We had just sat down, and one was coming towards us over the ridge 100 yards straight in front of us, only to spot us and disappear. Calling produced nothing else and we headed back down to the RZR. As we got there, I spotted one 1/2 mile off, and 1 turned into 2. But it was not to be, as we were in plain sight and they spotted us before we could hatch a plan. Pretty open country when your trying to stay hidden lol.

Stand 3, circling those two dogs did not work out, never saw them again.

Stand 4 we bugged out and got into a new pasture altogether, and I knew of some shelterbelts and a tree grove I wanted to set up above. Maybe 3 minutes into distress I had a cruiser come up then circle on by, and try as I might it would not stop. The 50 yd trotting broadside shot was apparently a clean whiff as it kicked it into gear and went over the hill. Embarrassed and ticked off I changed the sound to a fight in-between cuss words and not 30 seconds later my wife said "here comes another one!" It was on my side, same path as the first but coming straight for us fast. She was trying to get turned, I could see that wasn't going to happen fast enough and got on it and hammered it coming towards us at about 30 yards. If I've ever needed a shotgun, this stand was it lol.

We tried some more promising areas but the rest of the day was blanks. We left a couple for seed, and the two we got were mangy, but it was great to have that kind of action when your trying to show off your hunting prowess to the fairer sex lol...
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#3229162 - 01/19/20 11:03 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
SVB Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 03/18/14
Posts: 1177
Loc: Mich. Mqt co Beaver Grove
GREAT FUN-Congratulations on Your kills---You Wife brought you Good Luck-Thanks for sharing

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#3229166 - 01/19/20 11:42 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
hm1996 Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 07/23/06
Posts: 15527
Loc: S. Texas
Congrats on showing the wife how it's done & good luck on getting the daughter interested. Thanks for sharing your hunt.

If what's ahead scares you and what's behind hurts you, look up; He never fails you.

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#3229167 - 01/20/20 12:01 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: SVB]
tripod3 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 09/27/04
Posts: 8227
Loc: WA
A day with opportunities is a success, add scores and you have bragging rights.
Can't Have Good Without Bad

#3229172 - 01/20/20 03:29 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
P&Y Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/04/19
Posts: 226
Loc: ND
A good day and good story. I've done the calling and cussing after a miss many a time too!

#3229181 - 01/20/20 08:53 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
weekender Online
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/01/13
Posts: 3676
Loc: NC
I really enjoy hunting with my wife. Hopefully the fury critters will keep coming for you and yours.

#3229184 - 01/20/20 09:11 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
Pa. Mick Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 1853
Loc: Southern shores of Lake Erie ,...
Always nice to see other parts of the country! Congrats on your success !!

#3229193 - 01/20/20 10:31 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
Possumal57 Online
Predator Master

Registered: 10/25/12
Posts: 72
Loc: Kentucky, U.S.A.
That was a fun hunt any way you figure. Maybe she will go with you again. Thanks for posting.
Foxpro Field Staff

#3229253 - 01/20/20 05:04 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
lockrotor Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/21/11
Posts: 1413
Loc: West Central WI
A great day of hunting. Hopefully the wife enjoyed and will go again. And then the daughter. Congrats.

#3229256 - 01/20/20 05:11 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
K-22hornet. Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/06/03
Posts: 1579
Loc: Colorado
Well done!
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#3229266 - 01/20/20 06:29 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
Runnin'Hard Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/13/17
Posts: 214
Loc: Eastern Washington
Well done! Great job!

#3229273 - 01/20/20 06:59 PM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
SnowmanMo Offline

Registered: 09/23/08
Posts: 3455
Loc: Phoenix, Az
Sounded like a great day with the Missus...

Mama always said, coyotes are like a box of chocolates...

#3229334 - 01/21/20 07:32 AM Re: The Missus and I got into a few today [Re: 204 AR]
Grigsby Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/30/19
Posts: 27
Loc: UT (& ND)
Sounds like a great day with your wife in some nice country. As others have said, good luck getting your girls out hunting. You likely know this, but maybe try some easy small game hunts first.

Thanks for sharing.


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