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#3202628 - 04/30/19 10:17 PM Re: NEW Shotgun Pattern Test Results - Detail & Pic' heavy... [Re: GC]
SlickerThanSnot Offline
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/14
Posts: 5265
Loc: stuck in a fence
how are you doing the heat treat on the shot?

#3202675 - 05/01/19 03:27 PM Re: NEW Shotgun Pattern Test Results - Detail & Pic' heavy... [Re: SlickerThanSnot]
johral Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 09/06/07
Posts: 487
Loc: WA
Originally Posted By: SlickerThanSnot
how are you doing the heat treat on the shot?

I have a lab oven with a PID controller that I can dial in to any temp I want. I have been doing the BPI Super Buck at 450 for an hour, and then quenching. Hardness goes from about 10 Bhn to 24 Bhn. I may try doing some at a higher temp, but I am close to max for the oven right now, so I am not sure how much harder it would actually get. Too hard and it will shatter when it hits bone anyway.

You can really see the difference when you drop the shot. I have a cast iron table for one of my machines, and when you drop the untreated shot it bounces about 1/2" and then stops. It sounds kinda dead when it hits too. The HT stuff bounces about 3-1/2" and you can hear a bit of a "ping" when it hits the surface and it will bounce about 3 or 4 times.

#3218014 - 11/11/19 10:47 PM Re: NEW Shotgun Pattern Test Results - Detail & Pic' heavy... [Re: johral]
parson Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 11/16/13
Posts: 445
Loc: North Dakota
24 now but they will age soften depending on alloy, test again at 30 day intervals

#3227452 - 01/09/20 09:56 PM Re: NEW Shotgun Pattern Test Results - Detail & Pic' heavy... [Re: Matlock]
22cat Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/13/05
Posts: 488
Loc: Andrews N.C.
Originally Posted By: Matlock
Here's the second go at patterning Remington V3 FS from a few weekends ago. Conditions were good for an early fall day: high 50's with a slight headwind like the first time out.

The numbers show hits within 10" circle, hits on 30" square, and number of pellets in the load. Also noted are the choke used, exit diameter, and bore restriction. I'd like to have my shotgun bore officially measured, but for now I'm going off of Remington's specs of .727 bore diameter.

This time out I decided to run through all the factory chokes included with the V3 - IC, Mod, and Full - as well as a used Remington Turkey Super Full Extended I picked up off eBay.

IC = .720 (.007)
Mod = .709 (.018)
Full = .691 (.036)
SF = .665 (.062)

Factory loads tested:

Rem #4 buck
Fed #4 CP buck (P1584B)

First shot was fired from a clean bore and all chokes were cleaned prior to patterning.

At this point, it seems the Fed #4 buck shot tighter patterns more consistently out of the Full and Super Full, but I had more hits on paper with the Rem #4 with Full. The patterns were simply more erratic with the Rem #4 across the board.

I've read just about this entire thread and I've seen recommendations of a bore restriction sweet spot of somewhere generally within the .050 and .065 range. The Super Full almost reaches the upper end of that range and the Full is well below, so I'm thinking I need to try a choke somewhere between .050 and .062 of my SF. Or should I just stop and use what I have?

Any comments/feedback are appreciated. Thanks.



Full - only patterned with Fed #4 buck since I patterned Rem #4 buck last time

Super Full

For the guys curious about checking shotgun bores but don't want to buy an actual bore gauge, I found a set of spring loaded measuring gauges made for measuring inside of pipe at harbour freight for less than 20 bucks. You stick it in the barrel then twist the handle to lock it in place then pull it out and you can then measure it's position. I will do it a few times to make sure the measurements are consistent

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