Took the week off of work so I figured I would try and get some long needed decoy dog work done. Loaded up Ozzy and my buddy Matt. Drove up on the hill and got to one of our favorite spots. Walked about a mile in and seen 2 coyotes working a ridge just kind of walking away from us. So we got set up and started calling. Ozzy was busy running back and forth looking at every bush and rock like he has never seen one before. After about a 10 minute stand we figured they winded us and went away. So we sat up and I spy 2 more about 700 yds away. I yipped a couple of howls their way and they stopped, look at our direction but they must have feared the reaper because they just kept on walking. My buddy Matt says, "I see 3 more", I yipped a couple of howls their way and here they come. Game on, so they would stop every little bit until I decided to pup distress with my howler. They kicked it into to over drive. 1 coyote broke off and headed South, the other 2 kept coming. So about 3 minutes into this they pop into view, Ozzy locks eyes on them, I cast him out and they take off. I toned him back and Ozzy came back to the stand, only to keep staring them down. So I cast him out and they engage, so I toned him back again. By this time the male coyote was trying to display his dominance and proceeded to mark his territory and kick some grass. Ozzy was waiting to get cast again. So I asked Matt if he was on the coyote on the left, he said yes. So I said on 3, 1,2,3 boom. The rifles barked at the same time. I asked him if he got his, he said yes. So then I see the other coyote taking off.... I laughed and told him that we both shot the same coyote. So we laughed and a quick high 5.
All in all it was a productive day. We were able to see 11 coyotes all together today. We spotted 3 before we left the hill top that we are going after tomorrow morning. Hopefully we won't connect on the same coyote again.
Tighten up your helmet and grab your crayons Turbo.....this could get bumpy....