I've got two food plots in my back yard, each about 80 to 100 yards. The wood line is just on the far side of the food plots. Just in side the wood line I have a 20 by 40 yard semi-cleared area, marked off by several motion detectors with an alarm inside the house. Behind my property is timber company land open to public hunting. Each winter I shoot ten or more coyotes moving just inside the wood line edge at night. I use an AR with 3rd gen PVS-4 and 940nm illuminator.

This year I've had several bucks in the food plots caught on camera. One eight pointer I've seen several times walking to the food plots at night with my PVS-14. Two nights ago, I just happened to catch him stepping out of the tall grass of the neighboring field.

Last night the alarm was going off, I walked to our mud room and looked out with the PVS-14. NOTHING, after several minutes I notice a predator starting to enter the clearing. I ran to get my AR and magazine, entered my garage and cranked open a window. I rested the AR on the window sill and turned on the PVS-4. Dead centered in the scope was an eight point buck looking in my direction about eighty yards, reticile was sitting dead center on its chest. Hum! I just watched it for several minutes. As it started to move off, I saw predator eyes coming into the clearing, then a second set of eyes. With the buck out of the picture, I saw two foxes. Rarely do I see foxes. I let the foxes go as the buck was in the area. Interesting night!