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#3215054 - 10/15/19 04:00 PM What size wooden stretcher for pelt?
Spidicus Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 11/04/18
Posts: 84
Loc: Nevada
Look to start doing some fur handling. What size wooden stretcher do I get for grey fox, what size for bobcat, what size for coyote?
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#3215055 - 10/15/19 04:11 PM Re: What size wooden stretcher for pelt? [Re: Spidicus]
spotstalkshoot Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/22/13
Posts: 1714
Loc: so.mn
Trapping supply business will have all stretcher sizes available, most have online catalogs. All I have called have been friendly and helpful, be sure to tell them where you will be keeping fur at. There is a big difference in animal size between the south and north, your wood stretcher should match. Wire ones are more flexible.

#3215131 - 10/16/19 08:58 AM Re: What size wooden stretcher for pelt? [Re: spotstalkshoot]
wolftrapper Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/30/13
Posts: 600
Loc: E. Oregon
Go to NAFA website, wild furs. They give measurements for stretchers.
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#3215620 - 10/20/19 01:51 PM Re: What size wooden stretcher for pelt? [Re: Spidicus]
lyotehunter Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/23/02
Posts: 1812
Loc: roy,ut.,u.s.a.
you can make you own out of two 1"x4" 5'long.cut one end to a point that is about a 1" wide when they are together.then add a leather or plastic strap to the end to hold it together. then make a wedge out of the same wood to drive up from the bottom to spread the stretcher. then you use metal push pins to hold the hide down when you stretch it. you could send me a message so I could show you a picture on your phone. I can never get pictures to post here.

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#3215630 - 10/20/19 03:07 PM Re: What size wooden stretcher for pelt? [Re: lyotehunter]
K9SNIPER Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/07/15
Posts: 152
Loc: MN
I made some to NAFA specs using solid boards. It may be easier than using 2 pieces and a wedge?? Local fur buyers seem pleased with the finished pelt, and if ya ship to NAFA of course that’s what they want.

I have yet to get a MN coyote that fits properly on their SMALL coyote sized board. Guess they’re all large up here.
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#3215891 - 10/22/19 09:55 PM Re: What size wooden stretcher for pelt? [Re: Spidicus]
erict Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/23/06
Posts: 403
Loc: near Albany, NY
Here's all the info you need to get started: NAFA Fur Handlers Manual


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