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#3211814 - 09/06/19 04:45 AM Shot fox, ran away!
Wolf.In.Sheeps.Clo Offline
New Member

Registered: 10/01/12
Posts: 20

Shot him right in the face area and he ran away, it was my first real experience with a hunt that actually yielded and animal with night vision.

It was about 40 feet away,my heart was pounding and i was trying my best to get it calm, but i couldnt help but think he was already on my wall mounted. He was facing me with his head sniffing the ground, i feel like my laser was just on his forehead as i pulled the trigger. He ran away instantly to my left, about 25 yards into the tree line at my 10 o clock. Before he got into the woods i cracked off another round about 3-5 feet in front of his fleeting trajectory.

I did not find any blood or track to show his path. It was too dark and far too thick in alaska to persue at night, so im coming back after work to see if i can find him 100 yards or less in that thick spruce.

Has this happend to you? the bullet was 55grain FMJ from a 7.5 AR with thunder chicken silencer.
I went and put a target up at the same distance, and fired one round in the same exact manner, a little shaky and a little quick and it hit right where the laser was.So im confident the first shot was a hit somewhere in the upper ruff/neck/forehead area. Do you think I will find him?

Ive been watching foxpro and others like [beeep] for years, ive been on about 200 hunts and only had a handful of encounters with animals. Never got a predator yet...So its very heart wrenching to have this happen to me, i dont think i will sleep very well.

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#3211871 - 09/06/19 08:15 PM Re: Shot fox, ran away! [Re: Wolf.In.Sheeps.Clo]
reloader326 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/11/17
Posts: 524
Loc: Ohio
Yep, it’s called a clean miss and it happens. Keep practicing, you’ll get better.
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#3212402 - 09/13/19 10:07 PM Re: Shot fox, ran away! [Re: Wolf.In.Sheeps.Clo]
Lodgepole Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/16/15
Posts: 530
Loc: montana
Probably missed .Not a bad idea to get some different ammo rather than the FMJ as you are going to have to drill them in a very small zone to drop them dead so you can recover your fur. Keep trying and have fun while you are learning more !
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