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#3210307 - 08/17/19 09:34 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
ibschmidty Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/07/07
Posts: 587
Loc: Down wind
I really love the 32gr blitzkings out of my 20 Practical. I am going to slow it down a bit though. I had two runners last year from shots but I'm pretty sure it was my shot placement rather than the bullet.
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#3210373 - 08/18/19 06:02 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
BangPop Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/05/10
Posts: 577
Loc: Southwest Montana
I used the 35 Berger in my 20x223 improved for a year and a half and stopped because of inconsistent performance. Some of them just melted to the ground without a drop of blood and others, hit right where they should have been, had splashes with HUGE holes and a second shot to seal the deal. I never knew what the next shot was going to do. YMMV.

#3210375 - 08/18/19 06:18 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: songdog]
243kimber Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 08/14/09
Posts: 790
Loc: madison county illinois
What you said happened to me, several times. From the 70 grain Nosler ballistic tip in 243 win, to the Sierra 85 gr HPBT, to the Berger 88 varmint. One power said you need at least 10 experiences of hits to properly make a proper decision on a bullet's performance. I guess I just gave up too quickly after having run-offs, or not DRT's.
Im now taking capitol's advise. I built a 6-284 that sends a 55 gr bal tip @ 4320 fps. Haven't hunted with it yet. Just putting the finishing touches on it now. I have used the 55 bal tip @ 4000+ in the past, and they were all, DRT's. Being a reloading junkie, i wanted to experiment a little and try LR for a change.
I will be trying to save some fur, so I might have to poke around a bit with some other bullet designs. I bought a boat load of different light 6mm bullets. Im keeping a close eye on my round count. I know @ these speeds it's a barrel burner, but for now, I just want them dead, after having all of the run-offs over the last several seasons.
The 69 Bergers will be my next go-to. The combination of BC's and flat shooting trajectory is really where the sweet spot looks to be.
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#3210377 - 08/18/19 06:58 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
Ducksoup Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/20/03
Posts: 1417
Loc: Tacoma, Washington
I'm guessing miss. I've shot several coyotes with the 35 grain Bergers and they've always dropped in their tracks when shot in the chest facing me. On one occasion i had a small female come into my calls about 75 yards away and below my location. I barked and stopped her and placed the crosshairs right on her chest. She dropped instantly, no big surprise. The surprise was I noticed the entry wound was about the size of the end of my thumb which really had me curious as to why such a large entrance wound? I found the answer later when i was dragging her out i noticed blood coming from her chin. Apparently just as i shot she lowered her head and that 35 grain Berger hit right on the point of her chin, exited a couple inches under her chin and then re entered in her chest. The bullet had expanded about double in size but it still did it's job on that coyote. I shoot Bergers almost exclusively out of my main ]coyote rifles. The .17 Remington, my .204 and my 22-250 and none have ever let me down!

#3210379 - 08/18/19 07:18 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
PM senior

Registered: 03/28/05
Posts: 9057
Loc: In the sage
Switch to 32 grain blitzkings and youíll never look back!
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#3210390 - 08/18/19 10:36 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
Coyotejunki Online
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 04/03/04
Posts: 4907
Loc: MO
Originally Posted By: Spidicus
Finally got my first shot on a coyote with my 204 shooting factory hsm 35 Berger's. The coyote was facing me head on at about 80 yards I aimed at the center of the chest.

You made a bad shot. Either missed, or hit the shoulder. Sage could have messed it up.
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#3210415 - 08/19/19 11:55 AM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Coyotejunki]
tawnoper Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 02/24/03
Posts: 578
Loc: West coast
Originally Posted By: Coyotejunki

You made a bad shot. Either missed, or hit the shoulder. Sage could have messed it up.

Yup. This right here ^

I'm the first to say, never say never, cause just about anything can happen, but that straight on 80 yard shot on a coyote, hit dead center in the chest is probably the lowest percentage run off shot you'll get. They usually dont move, they tip over. If you hit a shoulder, different story.

#3210419 - 08/19/19 12:55 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
Utahcaller Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 04/06/05
Posts: 564
Loc: UT
From what Iíve seen shooting both the .204 Ruger and the 35 grain Bergers over the last 15 years, they perform about the same way the old Berger 25 grain Match did in both my 17 Remington and 17 Tactical. With the exception of alittle bigger hole and an exit now and again. But they die the same way....

#3210427 - 08/19/19 03:16 PM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: songdog]
000shock Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/14/17
Posts: 114
Loc: Dickinson, ND
Originally Posted By: songdog
OK, if Ballistic tips splash and softpoints smash, what does a hollow point do, because that's what the bergers are.
Funny how lots of guys have great success with a bullet and others can't kill a rat with the same bullet.

Only reason i didnt address the hollow points is because i havent done anything with them yet myself. I dont reload yet, and check for the hsm ammo everywhere i go into but no luck. When i find some, i plan on getting 35 and 40 grainers because they are so successful. I have had 32g vmax get straight to vitals with one shot and splash on another on the same coyote. Not sure if first or second shot splashed, but one of the two sure did. Ive never heard anyone claim they have had a splash with a 45g sp. The cattle bone that i shot with one punched clean thru, and im confident would do the same on a yote.

If someone is struggling with killing a rat with any bullet, get a .22 pellet rifle. Mine hasnt let me down yet on anything up to skunks.

#3210775 - 08/24/19 10:48 AM Re: 204 w/35 berger vs coyote [Re: Spidicus]
zr600 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/21/14
Posts: 1371
Loc: North dakota
Proably just a clean miss. It happens we get excited or human error, unfortunately we are not perfect and can pull a shot or not notice that branch thatís in the way. I shoot a coyote with my 22-250 and 65g seirra gameking bullet known to be a tough bullet, anyways I miss judged the distance hit low and must have pulled the shot or anyways it landed to the right and low. Found the coyote it was anchored but not dead. The shot hit entered on the right shoulder low and exited by his private parts. So it missed the vitals or scrapped them and the guts was lots of blood he would have died just would have been slow and painful so a second shot put him out of his misery.

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