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#3210089 - 08/14/19 04:58 PM I know its a year and a half old, but i hate dumb people
000shock Offline
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Registered: 01/14/17
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Loc: Dickinson, ND

Happened upon this. Like i said, its older, but the terminology used to twist the activity is only something a liberal could come up with. I work in the ag industry, and just once i wish these idiots would see the damage a yote does when it attacks and cripples a calf, and begins eating while it is still live.

#3210119 - 08/14/19 10:45 PM Re: I know its a year and a half old, but i hate dumb people [Re: 000shock]
Hellgate Offline
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As a kid I saw Montana F&W film of coyotes running down deer in the snow and eating the hams out of them while the deer were still struggling. It should be shown to every biology class in the country. Call it propaganda but what was Al Gore's global warming film shown in every classroom if not propaganda.
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