while i can understand that being a standard policy for a typical inmate....
when you're dealing with someone THIS high profile, in this important of a case, with SOOOO many victims... how can they not keep him on extended suicide watch after trying to off himself after only being there a few days the first time.
we're not taLking about some junky who tried to kill themselves when coming down off whatever and is now sobered up, done with their DT's and relatively speaking back ot acting like a normal human.
i mean... i'm just trying to understand the how/why from an outsiders perspective. it just doesnt make sense.[/quote]

My exact same thoughts, it just doesn't make sense, UNLESS someone wanted him dead, then it does make sense.
!-taken off suicide watch 2-no cellmate with him, 3-guards didn't check on him like they were supposed to, so 3 things had to fall in line and they somehow did!