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#3206770 - 06/27/19 09:35 AM 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs?
zr600 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/21/14
Posts: 1334
Loc: North dakota
Ok Iím going to spend a day with a couple friends shooting prairie dogs in a couple weeks. I have a 6.5 creedmoor that is very accurate with 140 eldm. Are these bullets going to be explosive enough or should I order some 90g tnt varmint bullets and try them? I donít want to just pencil through them I want them to act like when I hit them with my 22-250 with 55g Vmaxes. I donít have that gun no more so itís not an option to take. I also have my ar that Iím taking and it shoots Vmaxes very well. If anybody has experience with the 6.5 and the 140 I would like to hear it. I have shot them with my 22-243 and 75g amaxes at 3500 and it acted like it just penciled through and I donít want that thatís why Iím worried about it with the bigger slower bullet.

#3206778 - 06/27/19 11:55 AM Re: 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs? [Re: zr600]
jsh Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 11/22/03
Posts: 186
Loc: Kansas U.S. of A
It will pencil

I donít know if the TNT will give much splat factor.

#3206784 - 06/27/19 02:50 PM Re: 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs? [Re: zr600]
crittr gittr Online
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 08/31/12
Posts: 1287
My buddy shot some with a 260 140 grain RDF nosler and it killed them but not spectacular. He also shot some with the 123 gr. eldm and they did have a pretty good wow factor.

#3206845 - 06/28/19 07:02 PM Re: 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs? [Re: zr600]
reb8600 Offline
Global Moderator

Registered: 10/13/04
Posts: 10738
Loc: Morgan, Utah
My brother shot 2 last year with his 6.5 using the Hornady factory Match with the 140 gr. Both of them were quite impressive. It scattered pieces over a 20 foot area. They were about a 150 yard shot.

#3210262 - 08/16/19 08:40 PM Re: 6.5 creedmoor on prairie dogs? [Re: zr600]
000shock Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/14/17
Posts: 114
Loc: Dickinson, ND
I would pick up vmax loaded rounds also. I had the same thing with my 204. 32g vmax puts on a sweet red smoke show, but 45g softpoints left me wondering if i punched a hole clean thru or maybe they were just getting hit with dirt and rocks because i missed. The couple i went out and looked at were hit just like said above. Pencil in/out.


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