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#3206194 - 06/18/19 05:14 PM "And STAY DOWN!!" Finally got my first Yote! (Double-Team effort.)
TheGDog Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 09/06/17
Posts: 67
Loc: OC, CA
5-25-2019... 8am on the D-O-T Found our heroes TheGDog and TrapLine clinging to some of the only shade available this AM as the temperature was making it's way towards the forecast 90 F for the Salton Sea.

This was essentially the first set of the day. I had arrived a bit earlier than TrapLine and his "Huntstang" (Ford Mustang) and tried to do a quick set before he'd arrived, but didn't really have enough time to do a full 30min set before he had shown up. So then it was about guiding him in to my location so we could embark on the days journey together.

I brought my .223 bolt gun, TrapLine had called "shotgun", literally. smile

Put the Mojo Critter 2 just a little in front of the bush I hid the Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker 2 caller in.

Baby CottonTail for maybe 3 repititions, (all pauses were between 2:00-3:00 in-between each call.)
Rodent Distress
Coyote Locator (A group howl type of recording)
Coyote Pup Distress

And she'd come out right under our position high up on this rise with a ledge that provided shade. There was sort of a rock below us, with a larger Greasewood bush in front of that. She stopped just enough in front of that Greasewood that it offered me a shot with the .223 with LeHigh Controlled Chaos rounds from above entering-in right at about the shoulder. That drops her down initially, but after a few tenths of a second she rolls over and gets back up and proceeds to do a three-legged run holding up her right forelimb DIRECTLY RIGHT BACK IN MY DIRECTION towards the shade of this like, I'll say shale-stone finger ridge we're on.

Seeing that, I quickly rack another round, thinking to myself, "Oh no you don't! I know how you guys can run! You're not gettin' away this time!"... and right as I'm starting to draw a second bead with my crosshairs, "BOOM!...." TrapLine hammered the snot out of her lumbar area and she goes [beeep]-over-end, and that was all she wrote!

Wanted to make sure to come back here and say thank you to the forum and the posters that were nice enough to answer my many detail-oriented questions on my path to this goal.

Edited by TheGDog (06/18/19 05:15 PM)

#3206478 - 06/23/19 09:33 AM Re: "And STAY DOWN!!" Finally got my first Yote! (Double-Team effort.) [Re: TheGDog]
reloader326 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/11/17
Posts: 527
Loc: Ohio
Congrats guys, way to get ‘er done!
Yuppies are the worst...

#3206488 - 06/23/19 11:56 AM Re: "And STAY DOWN!!" Finally got my first Yote! (Double-Team effort.) [Re: TheGDog]
why Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 08/29/14
Posts: 708
Loc: md eastern shore
Way to go, sure is nice when a plan comes together.


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