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#3203008 - 05/05/19 06:21 PM Re: What do you consider a good day for shooting prairie dogs? [Re: CRE10]
varhunter Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 09/22/08
Posts: 528
Loc: Montana, United States
My good day is how accurate was I. If I missed a bunch it's a bad day. Never shot on a big town of stupid prairie dogs so I've never had even a hundred round day but if I hit the majority of my shots, I'm good with it.

#3203513 - 05/12/19 08:20 PM Re: What do you consider a good day for shooting prairie dogs? [Re: CRE10]
Wyoming Winchester Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 07/25/13
Posts: 224
Loc: WY
A good day is when you look in the shell box and 80-90% of the empties are, "dimple up".
I put them back neck up when I miss a dog.
No, you don't get to turn one over for a double.
Had one of those days today. Mother's Day Dogs.

#3203553 - 05/13/19 07:35 AM Re: What do you consider a good day for shooting prairie dogs? [Re: jetman]
jsh Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 11/22/03
Posts: 181
Loc: Kansas U.S. of A
[quote=jetman] A good day is when I don't get the plague from crawling around from mound to mound. Or stuck fast in gumbo.

Crawling around in a dog town, to eachs own I suppose.
Rattle snakes, cactus and ants ain’t what I want to crawl around with. The guys I hunt with would make sure I only did that once, lol.

#3205484 - 06/08/19 03:33 PM Re: What do you consider a good day for shooting prairie dogs? [Re: CRE10]
GaryC Offline
New Member

Registered: 03/04/11
Posts: 10
Loc: Mississippi
I just got back from a PD hunt and the shooting was great, pretty much something to shoot at steadily, there was never a time a PD wasn't in view. I shot about 1200 rounds over three days. I had four rifles, ran out of ammo on my 20 practical half way into the second day, and was rotating between the other three to keep the barrels cool the whole time, it was great.

My partners that carried AR's shot about twice what I did. I could have shot more but didn't want to torch my rifles and I was shooting steadily. I really don't see how someone could shoot more than about 400 rounds a day unless they're just flinging them. I do try to discipline myself and make good shots, and I'll turn down a 150 yd gimme to try and get one at 550 yds because I love the challenge of longer range.

#3205693 - 06/11/19 07:28 PM Re: What do you consider a good day for shooting prairie dogs? [Re: CRE10]
Acronin Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/01/13
Posts: 698
Loc: NE
A good day of prairie dog hunting is hard to determine. I realize the OP is asking for our own individual opinions. I would have to say the hit% is way more important than the quantity. They go hand in hand of course, but I always try to shoot 60% knowing that I have to shoot well in the beginning when the dogs aren't scared and just peeking out of their holes from 250yds +.

Where I shoot you can sit in one spot for 30 minutes before you get a shot every 10-15 minutes. I've done it, but I'd rather crawl on my belly to the top of a hill and shoot without them realizing im there.

I suppose in a day if I can hit 60% of the shots I take, have a confirmed hit past 400 yds and kill 12 dogs an hour that's a pretty dang good day to me. Oh, and do it with handloads that I can look back at in satisfaction by their performance and accuracy. Sharing that moment with my daughters, son, father, brother or a pal is better than doing it solo.

”Self defense is a primary law of nature, which no subsequent law of society can abolish; the immediate gift of the Creator, obliges everyone to resist the first approaches of tyranny.”
~Elbridge Gerry

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