We are planning to have 2 egg shoot contests during the 2019 PM Convention. The egg shoots will be held at the Elko County shooting range. The 2 contests consist of the traditional Predator Masters Egg Shoot and the Predator Masters Championship Cup. They will be shot in that order.

Predator Masters Egg Shoot:

Contest Rules:

Contestants will be comprised of registered members of Predator Masters that are participants of the Annual Convention during which the Egg Shoot will be held. The Egg Shoot will be on the Saturday, September 28 of the 2019 Convention.

Past first place winners will not be eligible for this competition.

This is what is allowed.

1. A rifle weighing no more than 13 pounds complete with any attachments used at the firing line except mags and ammo. The scope will be limited to a max setting of 15 power while on the line. Be sure to have all items attached during the weigh in (E.G suppressor and mag). Anything attached after weigh in will result in disqualification.

2. A shooting stool, pad, or similar device that would be considered customary in a calling stand application. You will shoot from a seated position.

3. A set of shooting sticks that are hinged, 2 legs, not attached to the rifle in any way, and are customary for a calling stand application. No items can be added to your gun to assist with holding the gun secure to the shooting sticks (E.G forward grips). Must have standard gun rest, no wide body rests.

4. Buttstock of rifle will rest against the shooters shoulder only. No support from the backrest of chair will be allowed.

5. If you use a chair to sit on and it has an armrest or back, your arms are not allowed to wrap around or rest on chair as extra support.

6. Slings will be allowed, but they will not be used to lash your shooting sticks to your gun.

7. Your own spotter if so desired (there was more than enough spotting scopes at the shoot to acquire a spotter for each lane). Each shooter should have his own guy spotting for him. This will cut down on a lot of confusion.

8. All range rules will also apply and be briefed before the match. You must have eye and ear protection to be on the range.

9. NO!! handling of any firearms except for those on the shooting line or during the check in and putting them in the racks.

All decisions made by Range Master the day of the shoot are final.

The format will be as follows.

For the first 3 rounds you will be shooting with up to 5 other shooters. Magazines may be loaded upon command, but the action can not be closed till the fire command is given. The clock will start at the fire command.

All shots will be taken at a distance of 150 yards. Your first time to the line you will have 5 minutes to fire 5 shots. If the egg is broke in your lane at the end of the time limit, you will advance to the second round.

In the second round you will have 1 1/2 minutes to fire 3 shots. If the egg breaks in your lane you will advance to the third round.

In the third round you will have 30 seconds to fire one shot. If the egg is broke in your lane you advance to a shoot off.

Shoot off rules.

Each shooter will be allowed one shot firing in rotation. You will have 30 seconds to take the shot. This is an elimination shoot off.

Ritch's Precision Guns is custom building another AR-15 rifle to give away to the first place winner!! He has done an outstanding job on the previous ones.

We will also have first, second, and third place trophies!!

Predator Masters Championship Cup:

Eligible participants are the first place winners of past egg shoots. This contest determines who is the best of the best. THE BEATER OF ALL EGG BEATERS! CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS! The contest is conducted the same way as the traditional egg shoot. The winner receives a traveling trophy and a trophy to keep. The traveling trophy gets passed around to the new winner each year and has the names of all the past Championship Cup winners on it. The new winner gets their name added to the Championship Cup trophy.

The first place winners of past Predator Masters Egg Shoots are as follows:

2007: Michael McCasland
2008: Jim Farris
2009: Jessie L
2010: DesertRam
2011: Kris Modisette
2012: 1953
2013: Kerry Carver
2014: 220_Swift
2015: Reb8600
2016: AWS
2017: Dirty Hippie
2018: Stacy Worden (Reb8600 Wife)

The past winners of the Predator Masters Championship Cup are as follows:

2014: DesertRam
2015: 1953
2016: Reb8600
2017: Reb8600
2018: Reb8600

Directions to the Elko Count Shooting Range

The GPS coordinates for the range are 40°48'15.4"N 115°50'59.7"W. It is located about 5 miles west of the Red Lion Hotel. If you get on I-80 by the hotel (Exit 303) and head west, get off at exit 298 and turn right. Take your first left within a couple hundred feet. Follow that road for about 1.5 miles. We will be on the 300 yard range and will have a sign there. The range is managed by Elko County and is open to the public everyday from sunrise to sunset. There are 9 pistol bays and 4 rifle/pistol bays from 100 yards to 600 yards.

There will also be instructions in your packet you get on Thursday night at the convention. There will be a liability form for Elko County and one for Predator Masters, both must be filled out, signed and turned in by Friday night at the convention for the egg shoot. All entry fees must also be paid by Friday night.

We WILL NOT take any sign ups the day of the shoot. All shooters must be on time. Once we start shooting nobody will be allowed to participate if they are late.

Check/Weigh in will start about 8:30 am, safety briefing at 8:50 am (all shooters must attend the briefing) and shooting starts at 9:00 am. If you are not there for the safety briefing, you will not shoot.

Good Luck and Good Shooting! thumbup
As always be safe and lets have fun thumbup1