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#3191914 - 02/10/19 12:10 PM Reddish coyote down :)
fratri Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/01/08
Posts: 595
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Setup at first light. It was a little crunchy walking into the setup so I waited a few minutes for things to settle down before beginning the set.
I placed my ecaller and decoy about 50 yds out into the field about a 45 degree angle from my sitting location. I turned on my decoy and ecaller playing a quiet dying rabbit sound.
As I got comfortable and settled in, I screamed out with my hand calls (loud dying rabbit screams) for about 45 seconds...... waited a minute or so and did it again (screaming out a dying rabbit sound with my hand calls as loud as I could)..... then waited another minute and did the same thing.... but this time during my wait, a coyote is in the field and heading toward my decoy and that ecaller playing that quiet dying rabbit sound....
As she got directly across from me, I yelled out WOLF to her, she stopped to look at me. With her only being about 60 yds out, I settled the cross hairs on her and sent it on it's way. Upon impact, she did a couple of spins before falling over...
She turned out to be in pretty nice shape with a nice reddish coat... Skinning revealed a lot of fat, so she must have been eating well.

"Everything is easy when you know how"
"Meat is not grown in stores"

#3191932 - 02/10/19 01:26 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
Snowshoes Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/04/04
Posts: 1277
Loc: Central Alberta
That is a very nice coloured coyote indeed!
Thank you for taking the time to show how everything unfolded.
I never got out today as I have to leave right away on a business trip and then meetings for the next 3 days. It was -32 with a -38 WC this morning but not able to get out and take advantage of the cold weather predator calling.
I do all my own stunts, but never intentionally

#3191942 - 02/10/19 01:53 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
lockrotor Online
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/21/11
Posts: 1436
Loc: West Central WI
Great job, congrats.

#3192283 - 02/11/19 09:26 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
.204Dan Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 09/28/18
Posts: 113
Loc: East Central Alberta
that sure is a blond one

#3192316 - 02/11/19 11:38 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
DesertRam Offline

Registered: 04/26/01
Posts: 8800
Loc: Las Cruces, NM USA
Pretty coyote. Nicely told.
"A person is smart; people are dumb panicky dangerous animals and you know it." K as played by Tommy Lee Jones, Men In Black

#3193191 - 02/16/19 12:02 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
luder Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/07/04
Posts: 1159
Loc: Wisconsin
Nice story and pics, good looking yote.

#3193396 - 02/17/19 04:48 PM Re: Reddish coyote down :) [Re: fratri]
Kirsch Online
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 10/13/09
Posts: 1522
Loc: North Dakota
Originally Posted By: fratri
She turned out to be in pretty nice shape with a nice reddish coat
I shoot 6-12 coyotes each year that look just like this coyote. My fur buyer will take them, but doesn't really like them. Some of the buyers don't want the red coyotes at all. My buyer makes mittens out of the red ones. Personally, I think they look nice and they usually have nice soft fur. I had the 2 nicest red ones from last year skinned, tanned and sold them to someone looking for some unique colored ones.
Korey Kirschenmann
Night Goggles - Pro Staff


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