It had warmed up to 16F this afternoon and having some free time, I decided to go out and try calling coyotes.
Only a mile and a half away from home but I had high hopes it would produce a coyote.
Park the truck in a dip next to a treed over road allowance. Walk south a quarter mile and set up in a fence line with a large bush patch a hundred yards to the south.

Start off with some cottontail distress and after a couple minutes, coyote number one shows up. Its trotting across the field and heading my way. I can see it has mange which is confirmed by the rat tail. If any coyote needs to go down, its this one, a couple barks gets it to stop and a 82 yard shot drops it.

Back to cottontail distress and roughly 10 minutes pass before coyote number two shows up. This one cuts to the east to try catch my scent but I level it before it gets the chance. A 144 yard shot has a much nicer looking coyote on the ground.
I do all my own stunts, but never intentionally