I've been to several PM conventions. Never disappointed. Lots of fun and a chance to meet the members you see on here as well as the pros and sponsors of the sport. Very informal and friendly group.

Families are welcome, which brings me to the reason for this post.

The event takes place in Sept in Elko Nevada. One of the features of this event is the egg shoot. Apparently there will be women and children shooting this year. Super prizes!!!!!

Can you hit an egg at 150 yds??? Then we should head south and give some shooting lessons to our 'merican friends.

You can also hunt coyotes while you're there. No license required.There's some paperwork to bring your firearm across the Medicine Line but no big deal.

You can certainly hook up with some of our members there and show them how calling coyotes is really done.

We have a block of room set aside in the RedLion casino. You can reserve online or by phone using our discount code. Rooms rates are good and come with food coupons etc.

Dates are Sept 13-15 for the convention and I'll be heading down a few days earlier to hunt.

Tickets include 3 banquet meals, and 3 raffle tickets. Kids are free. Spouses tickets are discounted.

Plan now. It's great opportunity to hunt some different terrain with a some great people and show these guys how Canucks get R dun.