The TNVC Mohawk Mk1 is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet. Incorporating operator feedback as well as our staff’s own battlefield experience, we designed the Mohawk Mk1 to be a highly functional, modular accessory for all modern warriors. It provides useful storage and retention of mission-essential gear and will attach to any currently-fielded ballistic or bump helmet with Velcro.

The Mohawk Mk1 is packed full of useful features for Armed Professionals and Civilian Hunters alike. No other helmet accessory system offers this level of versatility. Designed by TNVC staff, we tapped our good friends at Explosive Ops Gear (EOG) to produce it for us right here in the U.S.A.

Signal Strobe Attachment & Retention

Versatile Storage Compartment

Ready Access Batteries

Headset Cable Management

Secondary Retention

The Mohawk Mk2 has the same features of the Mk1, but is designed to accommodate an ANVIS Battery Box


Mohawk Mk1

Mohawk Mk2
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